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You’re at a party with a table full of gorgeous food.


A) Back away slowly an leave without saying goodbye to anyone.

B) Put small portions on your plate, eat, and eventually help yourself to thirds because you’re mingling and no one will notice. 

C) Enjoy the food. Eat enough to feel good. And not let the party leave you with an extra 5-10 pounds of “cheer” but actually lose weight. 

If you answered A or B, you’ve probably been on a diet once or twice. (Okay, maybe more like an eternity.) 

And do you know what? 


Yep. A Big Red “F” all over them.

That’s because a diet is a short-term plan, only good for crash-and-burn results. It’s the food equivalent of a “get rich quick” scheme and it NEVER WORKS.

Meanwhile, we’ve all fallen for those bright and shiny promises. 

Then, adding insult to injury, you blame yourself for...

Not following through

Gaining the weight back

Having less willpower than a kid in a candy store. (Or a grown woman in a candy store, as the case may be.)

Here are all the things you’ve tried:

✓ Swearing off food…with or without a solemn oath.

✓ Stuffed yourself into your skinny jeans with the top button undone because what else are you going to wear now that you’ve gained 5, 10, or more pounds?

✓ Shaking an angry fist as you pass the ice cream store, saying never again. (Then go back later for a double scoop).

✓ Wish that you would wake up skinny. (C’mon, like every night.)

✓ Cringed when you saw your reflection in the mirror and then promised yourself you’d lose weight so you didn’t have to resort to wearing a frumpy frock that made you look heavier but at least hid your rolls. UGH!

✓ Moved your body so your boyfriend/husband/partner didn’t feel the flab when he touched you.

But a solemn oath won’t mean a thing when you don’t have a plan in place to help you keep your word...

So you don’t end up beating yourself up for eating too much and then again for breaking your promise to yourself— again.


4 Weeks To Fat Loss Lose the Struggle, Release the Weight, Gain Confidence and Get Your Body Back! 

This is the uncomplicated way to get the weight off and make this year the year to be seen! 



4 Weeks To Fat Loss is a guided journey that gives you the Nutrition, Fitness, Fat loss & Mindset tools you need.

The Curriculum & What You’ll Get

4 Weekly Video Modules (VALUE $997)

Membership Site (VALUE $99)  

Workouts (VALUE $29)  

Food Guides (VALUE $27)

MK FitNFive Recipe Book (VALUE $49)

Handouts and More (VALUE $27)

Facebook Community (VALUE PRICELESS)


You’ll Learn: 

  • The HUGE mistake women make that keeps them working twice as hard for measly results (HINT: It’s all about working smarter, not harder)
  • The TRUTH about how much you should be eating—and why
  • How to lose 5, 10, and up to 16 lbs. in six weeks...without depriving yourself of holiday foods you love
  • What to do RIGHT NOW to start losing weight and loving what you see in the mirror  

Lesson 1: Foods to Help You Lose

Some foods actually help you lose weight instead of gain it. Learn which staple foods will help you slim down now and keep you looking your best.

Lesson 2: Fueled Fitness For Fat Loss

So many women are working twice as hard to get half the results. That’s because they don’t know how that there is a right way to work out…and a way that won’t ever work out.

Lesson 3: Conquer Your Cravings

Just because that cookie is talking to you doesn't mean you have to listen. This week you’ll learn the mindset that you’ve been needing your whole life.

Week 4: Superfoods and Supplements for Fat Loss & Top Tips for Implementation

So many of us overeat because we are missing nutrients! When you give your body what it needs, weight comes off without trying. 

You’ll Also Get Downloads, Handouts & Checklists

✓ Fit On The Go

✓ Fitness Tracker

✓ Food Tracker

✓ Fit Tips 

✓ Bikini Workout 

✓ Strong Body. Strong Mind

✓ Conquer Your Cravings Tracker

✓ Weight Loss Results Supplements

✓ MK Custom Recipe Book  

These are the tools I used to stop my lifelong unhealthy relationship with food.

These are the exact same tools I use with my private one-on-one clients to help them lose weight, keep it off, and love who they are every second of the day. And these are the tools you can use to quit wishing you could do this… To doing it. Without struggle. Without excruciating effort. Without the crazy stop and start. 

Why This Works

My methodology is based on the emotional aspect of losing weight and feeling good about yourself.  

I don’t give you the tired old song to eat less and workout more or hand you some fad diet.  

Instead, I give you lifestyle tips that work so you get lasting results. You can do the 4 weeks to see a rapid change, or you can repeat the program over again depending on how much weight you want to lose.  

Ready for the new you?  

This is your springboard. Losing the weight that’s been dragging you down is not complicated once you take the emotions out of it.  

We’ll be working to shift your mindset and your relationship with food and that’s the key to lasting change.  

Could you actually lose weight without dieting and find yourself in a place where you don’t want to sabotage? That you get results, so you feel motivated to keep going?  

The answer is yes.  

Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs.  

“I’ve discovered a newfound motivation to conquer my eating problems forever. My husband seems to be a bit more on board as well now.” - Shelly B. 

"Which week did I like best? Oh…such a tough question! I loved them all for different reasons. I'd have to say Cravings week (followed closely by Superfoods, then Nutrition, and lastly, Fitness).” - Samantha F.

“The first week I realize that I’m not alone. There are many women feeling the same. Nothing is wrong with me and that´s a relief. The visualization exercise was helpful because I put my thoughts in order.” - Liza D.

“I liked Week 1 as I realized I have been tying up my identity in my weight and that is actually why I feel so uncomfortable in my body—I haven't given myself permission to have confidence about any other aspect of my being. The part about having a little girl inside that doesn't feel deserving definitely resonated with me. I also appreciated Melissa's honesty about her own experiences because I relate so much being in my mid-twenties and isolating myself because of my battle with how I feel in my own body.- Kerry J.

Don’t Go At It Alone

As soon as you join, you’ll be invited to the Done with Dieting Facebook group where you can get daily support and inspiration for those moments when you’re tempted to give up or be hard on yourself.  

Having a freakout moment in front of your closet where you want to cry? Thinking of skipping your workout?  

Just pull out your phone, post in the group, or scroll through what others have posted to get real-time reaffirmation from your active Done With Dieting sisterhood.  

The group is also there for you when you want to celebrate!  

A Personal Note From Melissa Kathryn

I’m super excited to bring you 4 Weeks To Fat Loss! I’ve been looking for ways to offer you more programs at varying costs to reach your needs and I’ve had 4 Weeks To Fat Loss sitting on the backburner for almost a year now...  

Having been diagnosed with cancer and treatment this past year, I was not able to finalize the details and share it, until now!  

I’m grateful for my life, to do what I love, and for you! Which is why I knew that now would be the best time to share this.  

So...why am I offering 4 Weeks To Fat Loss at a sliver of the price?  

I get so many emails that say, “If only I could just afford you…” and my heart breaks.  

I’ve gotten your emails. I know you’ve been asking me. Now more than ever I’m so determined and dedicated to this work. It saved my life and I want you to be happy, healthy, and thrive in a body and life you love.  

If I learned anything this year it’s that life’s too short for anything else.  

That’s what I want for you.  

I’m really proud of what we’ve created and I know it works because we had a test group and they freakin’ loved it.  

Since we had to delay bringing you this program because of my previous cancer diagnosis — don’t worry, I’m on the up and up! :) — now is finally the time! I can't wait to help you feeling and looking amazing! Best part, you don’t have to wait!  

In my experience, just knowing that you have made that investment in yourself means that you’re already moving toward your goals. It’s you telling the universe you’re ready, you need this. You’re in a program, which means the actions you take are going to be different.  

No more self-sabotage. Instead, you get motivated, re-inspired, and recommitted. And you learn what works. Remember this isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Follow the steps laid out in 4 Weeks To Fat Loss and you WILL see results.  

There are other women who have done this program and had fantastic results—dropping pounds and inches, revamping their mindset, and finally ending the struggle with food.  

They’re no different from you. The only difference is they said yes and took action, and that’s my invitation to you.  

It truly comes from my heart and wanting to help you reach your goals.  



P.S. The ladies have spoken! Check out what they had to say…

3 lbs gone! I'm back to exercising 5-6 days (keeping in mind that I don't ‘have’ to workout, I ‘get' to workout.) Thanking my body for hanging in there with me all these years. I'm kinder to myself (and others). I'm being more mindful when choosing what to eat but not depriving." -Taylor T.

"Striving to be more connected. The list could go on!! :) Would I do it again? In a frickin' heartbeat!! Thanks so much, Melissa!” - Yasmin L.

“The best part was feeling like I'm not alone — that Melissa has been there, and her clients are there with me.” - Serena K.

“Wow. That third week about cravings. I could listen to that over and over and really need to dig deeper. All my issues with food have those emotional connections — covering emotions, denying emotions, etc.” - Trisha B.


A Recap Of What You Get 

✓ 4 educational and motivational video trainings—one for each week—to teach you a new mindset that will kick you into high gear and serve you for life. They will guide you to success, hitting all areas you need to shift in order to lose the weight now! Watch them again and again. This is like taking the whole course again for free whenever you want! 

✓ Access to the 4 Weeks To Fat Loss Membership site where you’ll find all the videos, resources, and more in one tidy place!  

✓ Handouts, PDFs, checklists, and guides that you can print out and use daily to make choices that make you feel proud of yourself and stay on track. These resources include recipes, workouts, cravings guides and more!  

✓ Lifetime membership to the private Done With Dieting forum where you’ll find ladies who are your lifeline. Welcome to the place you’ve been searching for where you can get real about how much your food struggles have affected you so you can finally move on!

I always say that where there’s a lack, you’ll fill the gap with food.

Otherwise, food would be a non-issue...  

You would eat when you needed nutrients and stop when you had enough.  

There would be no blaming of pizza or chocolate cake.  

These foods didn’t do anything to you. Yet, it’s only natural to turn to them in excess when there’s a hole in your heart.  

Food is an easy way to feel good in the moment.  

But it’s a cheap and fleeting thrill (two, maybe three seconds) and doesn’t solve anything.  

It doesn’t fix the fact that things with your relationship are hard.  

Or that a party means getting together with people...which brings up uncomfortable *feelings* like being left out, not good enough, or that people don’t like you.

None of this is true but what happens next?

Your unhealthy relationship with food turns into an unhealthy relationship with yourself where you blame yourself for not being able to say no, which results in extra weight that you hate.  

Do you think most men are going through this madness?  

No. Women are taught unhealthy ways to think about food and their bodies from the moment they’re born.  

It’s time to stop this right now.  

It’s time to learn what you’ve never been taught.  

It’s time for food and your weight to become a non-issue so you can be happy and shine from the inside out.

Why am I giving this to you for $100 off? 

Because I want you to get real results so I can add your success story to these!

My mindset has radically shifted. I'm learning to trust myself again and giving myself patience in knowing that my body won't change overnight but it WILL change! It's crazy incredible. I know I can do it now. No question.” - Sheryl W.

“I think you did a remarkable job. It was a very valuable tool to get a person started and to shift mindset in thinking about weight loss in a whole different way.- Tanya P.

“I know what I want and what I need now. I can listen to my body. And most importantly, I don't think in diets anymore! I know I have a lot to work on, but I know I’m not alone.- Anne K. 

“I was able to drop a few pounds but most of all I was able to connect back to living. I see clearly and make different decisions. But I don't beat myself up for any mistakes in my past. I love me more than I did before!- Meghan M.

I’ll let you in on a little tip from a former personal trainer turned holistic nutritionist / someone who’s done it herself / worked with 1000s of women to get them to their happy weight place...

Small actions add up to make a BIG impact.  

This course is manageable.  

It’s not about pushing yourself to the brink. It’s about seeing things from a new angle.  

It’s about behavior change — which, I’m not going to lie, can feel like the hardest thing in the world to do.  

But that’s what the best teachers and coaches show you how to do and that’s what I focus on.  

Once you learn how to change your behavior, the rest, as they say, is as easy as pie. 

(It’s Normally $397!)  

You’ve got nothing to lose but excess weight! Let’s do this right and keep it off!  

Get instant access so you can set yourself up to look and feel fabulous this year and beyond! 

For almost 2 weeks I have not binged. I am really working on changing my mindset and trying to deal with emotions that normally drive me to eat. I know I am not there yet and still think about food, my weight, my frustrations with not being where I should be WAY too much, but I am definitely moving in the right direction!- Lori K.

“I’m more organized in planning my meals and workouts.” - Heather D. 

“Week 3! I realized that my weight was directly related to poor relationship with my dad.- Pam R.

“I’ve gained a real awareness with feelings and how stuck I am feeling. Realizing that the food is definitely filling the gap. Fear of shining in my life. There is comfort in the discomfort, total fear of failure and being vulnerable.” - Donna M.

“I enjoyed all of it. I really looked forward to being kind to my body and learning a gracious way to go about transforming myself.- Bree B.

I feel even more motivated to find a way to heal my emotions and allow my body to release weight. I love Melissa's energy and hope to have more programs like this in the future!” - Crystal S.

“I loved learning about the importance of mindset and how even if you eat ‘perfectly’ there is so much more to it. That really validated where I am and made me hopeful that I can still lose weight and feel good in my body despite past struggles.- Nancy J.

“My favorite part was the tips, the delivery, and how you were so real and shared stories about your life and your clients. The connection to the body and the practical tips on how to move forward are helping me in ALL aspects of my life.- Robyn E. 

I love all the mantras. I’ve added several to my white-board to look at when I work out. It just brightens my day to see inspiring quotes or thought-provoking questions. And I love the vast amount of material that was covered in a short amount of time. I was scribbling notes as fast I possibly could! I was also very pleased that you recognized that people's time was very valuable and you made the lessons compact yet full of information.- Edith F.

Melissa Kathryn is a transformational leader, author, speaker, and host. Melissa’s focus is on wholeness, bringing women back to the truth of who they are: worthy, expressed and empowered. Melissa’s alternative methods address nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and mindset for a full inner and outer transformation, so her clients thrive in life, in a body they love.

As a best-selling author of two titles, “Eat Right For Your Archetype “ and “Sip Yourself Slim”, Melissa coaches high-level CEO’s and successful women whose desire is to have it all and not settle for anything less.  She teaches her clients how to own their worth, claim their desires unapologetically, and express themselves fully, making themselves a top priority, fully aligned in their vision and mission.  

Melissa has been a featured TEDx speaker, an expert guest on New York Live, The CW, and a writer for such publications as Real Simple, Mind Body Green and Shape Magazine.