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My Holiday Wish for You!

Merry Christmas! I know not everyone celebrates but I have a special holiday wish I have for you! My Holiday Wish For you This Season... Let the magic encompass you, let go of the chaos.

5 Tips to Drop the Perfectionist this Holiday Season

Being perfect, or this notion of perfection is one that I can’t stand. No one actually has the same definition of what perfection means or looks like for them. For each person, “perfect” takes on

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

I’m going to be completely honest, even though I am the face of my business, I’ve noticed, OK, I’ve been told ;) that I need to share more with you about me and the way

Post Thanksgiving Recovery Plan

You may have had the best of intentions with your eating but still gone overboard and today are feeling not so good about yourself or your body. It happens… The key here is to have

Happy Thanksgiving + Awesome Tips!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m back home with my family and LOVING it! But it’s also been a non-stop eating frenzy around me, since I arrived and Thanksgiving is today…lol. If your day is anything like mine,

Overwhelmed and exhausted? Try these

You know I’m a Christmas fanatic right? Like, full on Christmas music in November and I’ve DVR’d (yes it’s a verb:) and am obsessed with Hallmark Channels countdown to Christmas. Is this just me? I

Overcome Expectations

Let’s talk shall we? Expectations, are a b*tch… Yes, I said it. They set you up for constant disappointment. How often have you been so excited about a date, a trip, an event or about

Top 15 Healthy Eating Tips to Look and Feel Your Best This Holiday Season (2 Free Gifts Inside)

I know the holidays are a stressful time of year, especially if you’ve been a dieter and are trying to be Done With Dieting! I’ve been getting messages from women about fears of weight gain,

Halloween Hangover? Sugar Detox Inside!

Happy Halloween! Normally I would send this email the day after, but girllll, set yourself up for success now and put that candy away! ;) Have too many mini Snickers, Reece’s cups and handfuls of

What Are You Really Craving? Hint…It’s Not Food!

Think of the calories you would save yourself, the excess weight that wouldn’t be there, the endless anxiety and self-berating that wouldn’t exist if you simply ate when you were hungry and stopped when you

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