I made this video for you

Did you notice that the most successful people stay that way by keeping things simple and going back to the basics. Yet, as women we overcomplicate EVERYTHING…especially when it comes to weight loss. It’s like

This Was Awesome

Who you surround yourself with makes all the difference in your life and how you show up.  Did you notice when you’re with happy people, you feel more happy, when you’re around successful people, you

Can You Talk Today?

I sat in room yesterday with my business coach and our entire coaching group. This was a room filled with powerhouse entrepreneurs, mostly women, of all ages, taking a stand to follow their dreams and also

(Video) Do this to end overeating today

I’m always asked, “Melissa, I don’t know what happens, I’m so good all day and then at night, I keep overeating or finding myself mindlessly snacking, and going to the fridge until it’s time for

Makeover your mindset

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." - George Elliot It's never too late to become who we really are. It's incredibly easy to resign to your life, to your body,

July 4th Tips, Tricks & Recipes

The holiday weekend is almost here! Are you ready or feeling a bit stressed and uneasy in your body? I asked the amazing women from my Weight Loss For Life group program, where they needed

This is how to love you

Close your eyes… Think about what it is you are wanting. Then allow your mind to answer with visuals, words or feelings. Follow this by asking yourself, what is getting in the way? Now listen.

This has been hard for me

There are many themes that swirl around for me each week between my clients, my groups and my own life. It’s interesting how they all intertwine and reflect beautifully upon the other. One theme that has

Stop doing this…

How many times have you lost weight for a specific event, i.e.. a wedding, a reunion, summer, a vacation…? How many times have you decided to go on a diet because you had to reach

How to Stay on Track and Not Feel Deprived this Holiday

Memorial Day is here! So now, the big question is… “How do I stay on track with my goals, not feel deprived AND enjoy myself, without feeling cray-cray around food?” Don’t you worry girlie, because

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