Weight Loss Wednesday: Fat Loss Challenge

It starts today! As much as you want to go with the flow, I know you like being challenged and given guidance and action steps to take.  I get it, you make enough decisions and

Healthy Halloween Treats to Eat and What to Avoid

Halloween is coming, are you excited or dreading the candy bowls and endless bags of treats that will be surrounding you? I know when you’re trying to lose weight, holidays are a scary time of

Fitness Friday: It’s Time to Get Fit for Fall!

We love Friday’s and what better day to get your mind on track with fitness going into a weekend!  I’m sure you’re seeing tons of “new fall workouts to lose X pounds in X days”. 

Are you really hungry for that?

What’s wrong with me? Arghhh…. I just ate for no reason.  I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t need food, I just wanted to eat.    And now, here I am, feeling like I got hit by

Back to school, back to you!

I hope you had a great weekend! I get sad when summer ends, but it seems to always come right when I’m ready for crisp fall weather and to buckle down a bit from all

I woke up anxious, sick even…

“I woke up anxious and had this yucky, unsettled nervous energy which would not go away.   In the past, I would binge on sweets for days and sometimes weeks afterward, gain weight, lose confidence, go

I made this video for you

Did you notice that the most successful people stay that way by keeping things simple and going back to the basics. Yet, as women we overcomplicate EVERYTHING…especially when it comes to weight loss. It’s like

This Was Awesome

Who you surround yourself with makes all the difference in your life and how you show up.  Did you notice when you’re with happy people, you feel more happy, when you’re around successful people, you

Can You Talk Today?

I sat in room yesterday with my business coach and our entire coaching group. This was a room filled with powerhouse entrepreneurs, mostly women, of all ages, taking a stand to follow their dreams and also

(Video) Do this to end overeating today

I’m always asked, “Melissa, I don’t know what happens, I’m so good all day and then at night, I keep overeating or finding myself mindlessly snacking, and going to the fridge until it’s time for

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