{VIDEO WORKOUT} Workit Girl!!!

Happy Friday! This is an oldie but goody! This is a full body, awesome outdoor workout that I love! And girrrllll, best part, it will tone, tighten and trim your body. Why I love it

Fitness Friday: Feel The Burn!

It’s Friddaaayyy! I have 1 thing in common with my gal pal over here, Cameron Diaz, we both wake up dancing and loving up our bodies! Yes, this is pretty close, to EXACTLY what I

Fitness Friday: Stop talking about it and DO IT

Stop talking about wanting to lose weight and start doing something about it. I know it may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. If you want change, you need to change what you’re doing. If

Tone Your Booty with This…

Summer’s coming and Spring’s here! It’s time to ditch your excuses and lift that booty, while toning your thighs and tummy with this super simple, do anywhere, no equipment needed workout! Lift Your Booty, Tone

Fit Friday! Full Body Workout (No Equipment needed)

Hi Heather, You want to look fit and toned and feel energized right? Then you need to move your body. It’s not getting toned while sitting on your sofa, hitting snooze or at sitting at

Fitness Friday: Top tips to Lose Weight!

After years of dieting and being dedicated to the gym, I know first-hand how hard it is to get started, stay motivated and be excited about what foods to eat, workouts to try and weight

Fitness Friday: It’s Time to Get Fit for Fall!

We love Friday’s and what better day to get your mind on track with fitness going into a weekend!  I’m sure you’re seeing tons of “new fall workouts to lose X pounds in X days”. 

Fitness Friday! Time to Recommit

Do you believe that you are the only thing getting in the way of you losing weight and having the body you want? I personally knew 100% that I was the ONLY thing standing in

Get your fit tips…It’s Fitness Friday!!!

I love me some lower body, booty pumping workouts! So I have a great thigh burner and booty lifter coming for you! Grab this quick routine below that you can do anywhere, anytime, no equipment

How to Stay Sane & Slim this Holiday

Did you know the average person gains 2-3 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? That’s enough to make your jeans feel all sorts of uncomfortable and we certainly don’t want that! At this time of

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