There are many ways we can work together one-on-one.


If you are wanting the whole shabang…I’m talking jaw dropping physical transformation, an overhaul on your health, endless energy, personal fashion styling and a life you love, this is your experience…

This program is fully customized to meet your needs. If you’re ready for your ideal body, a life you are excited by, a career where you thrive, a personalized style, full body love, and an unwavering sense of self with confidence to boot, then lady love, I would be absolutely honored to speak with you and tell you more!


… To see the lose-gain-lose cycle in your rearview mirror, no more diets, just you, your ideal body and lasting weight loss! You become the transformation everyone is talking about! … Genuine excitement about healthy living and exercise. Uh huh, it’s possible. … An incredible sense of finally being back in control of your body and life, and excited about what’s to come. … Falling head-over-heels in love with your amazing self, and able to set boundaries that truly serve you. … Deeper, meaningful relationships creating stronger bonds, intimacy and pleasure … An awakened sense of self by connecting to your desires and using personal powers of manifestation … A personal style that turns heads and fully represents you and compliments your fabulous body!

This Elite Coaching Experience is fully customized to your needs. If you are looking to do an overhaul on your health and weight, love your life, switch careers, increase the love in your life – we address it all with actionable tips, customized plans, guidance and the full support you need to have your best year yet and change the course of your life!!

This package is for you if…

✔ Desire someone fully focused on YOU, creating customized plans with accountability to meet your body and life goals.

✔ Want a full all-encompassing soul-dive into the changes you’ve been waiting to make all your life…we are diving deep, whatever has been keeping you stuck we are clearing a the root!

✔ Are ready to experience a fulfilling life, packed with play and pleasure, self-love, and abundance and a body that won’t quit 😉

✔ Know deep in your heart, you’re ready for change, and ready to look and feel dramatically different in the next 12 months, you know the time is now!

✔ Want to get in touch with your personal style, and have that reflected in your confidence, appearance, clothes, work and living spaces.

What’s Inside:

4-hour Intensive Weight Loss Breakthrough Session, Lifestyle Makeover & Glamathon, Virtual & In-Person Program and so much more….


This package is for you if…

✔ You have limited time to commit to coaching

✔ Are ready to start now but need a plan that you can follow and run with

✔ You are a pro at personal accountability

✔ You’re a high powered, busy women with limited time

✔ You know what you need but don’t have the time to put it together and quite frankly don’t want to be bothered

✔ You work better with 1 deep dive experience and need to assimilate and go from there



This experience is for women who are ready to get the weight off yesterday, need the individualized attention, know diets don’t work, and understand no one diet is right for everyone. You need your own customized plan to work with your lifestyle to give you easy, lasting results.

During this experience you will receive a thorough assessment of what you are currently doing that needs shifting or a full overhaul. Walk away with a fully customized food, fitness, style and lifestyle plan to implement right away with ease so you not only see results quickly but feel and empowered and immediate change.

This is about losing weight and keeping it off, but you have to have the right plan and tools to get you there.

… Smiles, compliments, and jaw-on-the-floor stares as you rock a new body and wardrobe


Hypnosis is extremely powerful and can give you relief, freedom and control in many areas of your life where you have struggled. It is a natural, deep form of meditation and relaxation, using the power of your subconscious mind to take control of your life and free you from limiting beliefs to accomplish your goals. Since many behaviors and habits have strong emotional components, we access the subconscious to clear old negative emotions to release unwanted behaviors or habits.

This experience is perfect if you have struggled repeatedly with the same blocks or behaviors that are keeping you stuck – whether it’s weight loss, health, fitness, self love, love…these sessions are designed to give you rapid results to you experience and immediate shift in your thoughts and behaviour.

This is for you IF you…

✔ Three 60-minute Hypnotherapy Coaching Sessions

✔ 1-hour PreSession Assessment

✔ Email Support between sessions Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

✔ Custom practices & coaching materials to support progress