“No exaggerations and no gimmicks…in three months, people have told me my entire body has changed. I eat everything I want making lots better choices and totally based on my hunger level and with health in mind, using Melissa’s “food is fuel” mantra. I feel so much healthier and so much more at peace. Trust me, Melissa works. She really gets into your brain to get you to fix everyt hing from the inside, out, so your mindset drives the alteration of your body so you can get the results you want. It’s weight-loss, redefined!”

Leah Matalon

In the very brief time we spoke, you honed in on what is keeping me at the weight I am, why I can’t seem to drop below this weight and that I need to break up with my current relationship with food. It all makes total sense!


“I’m learning to love, respect and have compassion for myself. It has been a wonderful journey of getting to know me and what it is that I truly want. I feel more centered. I am more connected to my feelings and body and I know I have a CHOICE in how I respond to any given situation.

Melissa is GENUINE, she’s been down the path so she UNDERSTANDS and she is SUPER MOTIVATING!”


Sherrie Hartman

“My biggest accomplishment is knowing I am capable of doing some really hard things. The way Melissa reaches people is by her amazing intuition. She knows what you need and what you are struggling with even before you do. She really focused on my mindset and my belief within myself. I have always struggled with feeling enough. She taught me so many tools and techniques to finally break through the many barriers that I surrounded myself with. For once in my life, I feel whole and complete. Her program is so unique and targets all area of your life. It’s learning how to balance and prioritize your life and change that belief that you are good enough and with change great things are possible.”

Trisha Jamison

“I love this program because it helps me with self-acceptance and self-love. This impacts my life in a huge way. For as long as I can remember I would tell myself I should look a certain way or I should be doing a certain something. The program helped so that now I can look in the mirror and say I like me and I feel good about myself. In a way it sounds so simple, but to me it means the world. This program has been the greatest gift to myself in discovering all the good in me that I had put away. It’s a beautiful gift and investment on me and my womanhood.”

Inna Yanez Orozco

“My husband has noticed I’m happier, more content, I don’t wallow in things like I used to. I’m more hopeful. I wish it was something I had done at a much younger age, but if not now, when?

The biggest takeaway is that there’s no quick fix. It’s not about working harder. It’s about taking time for me, and taking time to evolve. I love me that was, that I am, and who I will be. Melissa has taught me not to hide or avoid things. She doesn’t let me get away with anything. She calls me out.”

Trudy Thomson

“In the past, I would binge on sweets for days and sometimes weeks afterward, gain weight, lose confidence, go on a diet, and repeat the process. I was on this terrible treadmill for decades. But today, because of my work with Melissa, I take a totally different path. I am elated I now have a successful method of handling unsettled feelings when they arise so I don’t go down the binge eating path ever again! Melissa is an awe-inspiring transformational coach that has changed my life in so many ways. My binge eating issue is just one example of what I have been able to conquer with her help!”

Jill Hale

“Just a quick note to tell you how invaluable your free coaching session was to me. True to your word the short session was jam packed with enlightening information, honest feedback and words of encouragement. Your words were filled with thought provoking insights which allowed me to drill down to several specific items that are “weighing” me down. I came away with a plan to address those and move forward. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for your gift of knowledge and sharing.”


“For those of you who are ready to embark on your personal journey of health, self discovery and balance, I highly recommend, Melissa Kathryn.

Melissa has taught me to perceive food in a whole new way. I have learned about eating with intention. These two things have positively changed my life forever!!! I could go on and on about just how special she is. Melissa deeply cares. She listens with compassion and leaves you feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world. I truly believe the universe…God…has brought her into my life. Thank you, for ALL you have done for me!

Angela Roggenbauer

Melissa, I absolutely love your weight loss hypnosis. I listen every night and my whole attitude towards food and eating is shifting. I view food as fuel more often than not. I question myself more frequently and automatically about my hunger. “Am I really hungry? What is my body hungry for?

Shauna Castillo

“Melissa is a true champion for women living empowered lives in bodies they love. A much needed voice in a world of diet struggle and body­bashing.”

Nisha Moodley,

“Working with Melissa in preparation for her TEDxYouth@Hewitt talk was fantastic! She is smart, passionate, and incredibly driven to share her unique story and ideas. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch her talk which is both motivational and uplifting. Melissa is a true and kind professional!”

Stephanie D.

BexHeadshot“Finally, a new perspective on weight loss and body image!

Melissa’s approach is not only fun and accessible, it seriously cuts to the core of everything we care about as women. So many of her contemporaries are only addressing pieces of the puzzle.

Melissa “sees” us inside and out. We want to look and feel good, but we also want to be able to express ourselves in a way that attracts all we desire. With Melissa, all of those desires are within reach.”

Bex, Rebekah Boruki of

“The old ideas about counting calories, eating less and less, and exercising more and more are just NOT a long term solution. You know that! If it were, we’d all be thin and fabulous.

Melissa is in the next generation of thought leaders when it comes to our bodies and body image. As we learn to love ourselves NOW, we can see the extra pounds as a symptom, not the problem. Addressing what’s really going on inside is where the real long term growth and change happen. This is what Melissa is so great at helping you figure out!

You actually get to enjoy your new body instead of worrying the old one is going to come back.
Plus she’s just one delightful, warm, compassionate lady. I’m so glad she’s here to help us all change the story about the weight issue.”

Aimee Serafini, Women’s Empowerment Coach

“Melissa sees the real truth inside each person, and helps that best self come shining out! With a heart of gold, and beautiful style, Melissa listens, teaches, and guides each woman to embody their inner soul for the world to see.”

Alexandra Jamieson | Author of Women, Food & Desire

“Melissa brings a holistic approach to weight loss and body image, which supports women in truly nourishing their bodies from a loving, and self accepting place.

All of the struggles she has gone through in her own journey help her to deeply understand and support women who are in that struggle now, and ready to discover a new reality, and a new relationship to their body.

Melissa glows with health, vitality, and self love, and transmits that energy directly into her clients.”

Amanda Young, Founder: Urban Goddess


“Melissa is the ideal coach. Her heart, knowledge and dedication shine through in everything she does.

What I love most about Melissa is her ability to create a safe space where real change is possible.
So many throw bandaids on the situation, especially when it comes to health and weight loss. Melissa gets to the root, and makes magic.”

Rachel DeAlto |

“Melissa’s work is truly exceptional in the weight loss and body image field. She’s a master at the “inner game” and figuring out what’s really holding you back from loving your body and living a life you love.

What I love about Melissa is that in a world of quick fixes and focusing only on the external, she dives deep with a woman to help her heal at her core. This healing gives her the most important gift of all, and the thing that really makes the weight stay off, SELF LOVE.

If you want an inside that’s as beautiful as your outside, Melissa’s your girl.”

Nicole Moore, Founder: Love Works

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