... YOU losing unwanted fat by eating real food, having more fun, and being completely FREE FROM FOOD!

... No more diets, calorie counting, or food obsessing!

... No more grilled chicken and steamed broccoli, shakes, or fad diets, blech who wants that!

Girl, you have not failed or done anything wrong. The dieting industry has failed you.

I know because I’ve been there myself! 

Without fail, every year I would set a goal to lose weight and I’d invest tons of time, and money, into diets, "healthy" foods, meal plans, cleanse challenges, pills, shakes, and more. It was exhausting ... and never worked! All I wanted was to finally get the weight off and keep it off, but nothing worked.

But here's where things really went wrong. After basically torturing myself to lose weight I won my first ever fitness competition in the “Best Body” division. In the moment it was amazing, I felt beautiful and successful.

Then let down happened. In less than 90 days I had gain back all the weight and more! It was physically and emotionally horrifying. I felt shame and judgement, from myself and others.

I felt like I didn't want anyone to see me. I hid from the world and literally could not go back to the gym.

I knew then, I didn’t need another diet. There was something deeper going on. Food is an emotional connection, and I wasn't fully living due to my fixation with food.

I was in an unhealthy relationship with food. I was like the bad boyfriend I couldn't get rid of. I needed to learn to love myself and learn how to eat for my body. I needed to understand why I kept turning to food when all I wanted was to stop.

So I committed to loving myself and learning what I needed. And stopped listening to that food voice that kept telling me that food was the answer.

I stopped allowing myself to say "when I lose xx, then I will". Because even when I lost the weight I still found something wrong with me, and it was never enough. (hello saggy skin)

Now at 41, I look and feel better than when I was 22 and always dieting! 

I am in complete control of food, eat what I want, and love myself and my body more now than ever! 

I want this for you too!

I want you to be able to ask yourself "what do I need now, at this moment more than food".

Because you are not a slave to food either. You can achieve the same success that I've found and YOU can thrive.

I'm here to tell you that YOU are enough! Your weight does NOT define you. The trauma or whatever belief blocks you have been living with do NOT define you. You can feel and look your best. You can achieve optimal happiness! 

I have coached thousands of women around the world and I’m here to share the work I did with them and bring it to you!

I developed The Food Freedom Bundle so you too can have the outstanding results my private clients have achieved! 

My intention with the Food Freedom Bundle is to help women

  • be DONE with dieting
  • LOSE the Weight
  • LOVE themselves deeply

... and Be FREE to LIVE their epic lives, boldly WITHOUT apology!  

So my beautiful friend...

Are you ready to be FREE?
To be Done With Dieting for Good?
To Lose the Weight Without Restricting Yourself?
To LOVE what you SEE and HOW YOU FEEL?

  •  Learn how to Eat ONLY when you’re hungry and STOP when you’re satisfied.  
  •  Feel in control around food, not overwhelmed.  
  •  Release Food Obsession and Diet Fixation so you can ENJOY your life, and pursue goals and dreams.  
  •  Reach Your Ideal Body WITHOUT Dieting or Depriving and Feel Motivated Again!  
  •  Get unblocked and into aligned action to reach your goals - this is when you learn how to choosing feeling good, over food.  
  •  Conquer your cravings - no more eating on autopilot or late night binge fests.

Then give yourself the gift of
FULL Food Freedom Today!


3 Mindset Modules:

  •  Module 1: How to Master Your Mindset: Learn How to be Done with Dieting and FINALLY Free from Food ($197 value)  
  •  Module 2: Tune Into Your Intuitive Gifts to Release Weight: This is your missing power ($197 value)  
  •  Module 3: Never Binge Again: 4 Steps to Get Rid of Your Cravings to Break Free from Binge Eating for Good! ($197 value)

* These trainings are priceless and will set the foundation for incredible results in the 5-Day Food Freedom Course!

5-Day Food Freedom Course:

  •  Day 1 - Video: Food & Mood Thoughts Eye-opening training that will leave you thinking about food in a whole new way! ($97 value)  
  •  Day 2 - Video: What Are You REALLY Hungry For? Finally understand your bodies cues, cravings and how they’re tied to your emotions! ($97 value)  
  •  Day 3 - Video: Rewrite Your Story Immensely powerful, guided journey to your ideal body and life! ($97 value)  
  •  Day 4 - Video: Identify Your Gaps Life-changing training! ($97 value)  
  •  Day 5 - Video: Food Is Fuel The results speak for themselves! This training will help you to never diet again and reap the benefits of effortless weight loss and finally being FREE from food! ($97 value)

PLUS You'll get access to my

EXCLUSIVE for my clients proven to work!

  •  Food Mood Tracker ($24 value) 
  •  Food Thought Tracker ($24 value) 
  •  What Are You REALLY Hungry For? ($24 value) 
  •  Rewrite Your Story Worksheet ($24 value) 
  •  Identify Your Gaps & Pie Of Life ($24 value) 
  •  Food Is Fuel Worksheet ($24 value)

AND You'll also get my Weight Loss Hypnosis Mini Course!


  • Is between 25 and 45 minutes in length  
  • Contains countless fitness, food and mindset insights, tips and strategies you haven’t heard around food, your emotions, it’s connection to memory and more!  
  • Is filled with energetic principles + universal techniques that apply to effortless weight loss without dieting ever again!  
  • Was created from and is infused with a high level of potent energy and connection to source, yourself and accessing your higher self for continued guidance, healing and more for changes in your relationship to food, life and your body! 


  • Guided inner work, journal prompts, positive affirmations and daily mantras developed to support each of the four videos, so you can apply the teachings to yourself, your body and life...right away!
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis to shift your subconscious patterns with food and yourself! This hypnosis is a favorite of my clients and WORKS LIKE MAGIC! 

THE FOOD FREEDOM BUNDLE is valued at more than $1200

But, I believe in giving you FREEDOM from money matters! I understand that for women who've experienced diet and food issues spending money on yet another plan can be stressful. (I get it, we all fear failing)

My Special offer for YOU

> $197

This course is loaded with tips, tricks, tools, strategies and most of all healing!

It's time you got a fresh perspective on diet-free weight loss, putting an end to emotional eating, overeating, and unwanted weight gain!

Get instant access to the

Don't just take my word for it. Hear what these women had to say after just 8 Days in the Food Freedom Challenge! 

Melissa Kathryn is a transformational leader, author, speaker, and host. Melissa’s focus is on wholeness, bringing women back to the truth of who they are: worthy, expressed and empowered. Melissa’s alternative methods address nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and mindset for a full inner and outer transformation, so her clients thrive in life, in a body they love.

As a best-selling author of two titles, “Eat Right For Your Archetype “ and “Sip Yourself Slim”, Melissa coaches high-level CEO’s and successful women whose desire is to have it all and not settle for anything less.  She teaches her clients how to own their worth, claim their desires unapologetically, and express themselves fully, making themselves a top priority, fully aligned in their vision and mission.  

Melissa has been a featured TEDx speaker, an expert guest on New York Live, The CW, and a writer for such publications as Real Simple, Mind Body Green and Shape Magazine. www.melissakathryn.com