Buxom Lip gloss: I am a lip gloss junkie and have about 50 in a similar shade. I always get asked what I’m wearing and I have to say, I love Buxom glosses in shimmer or matte. My favorites are April and Kimberly. Great stocking stuffers! Pucker up


Little Box of Rocks: My bestie sent this to me for my birthday and I LOVED it! I thought it was such a cool concept and have since gifted it to others and they rave about it. Had to share it with you, especially if you’re into energy work, crystals and all things Woo like me 😉


Stocking Suffers - Sip Yourself Slim: This is one of the favorite books, I had to share some of my own products i love and am personally gifting to friends and family. Those that own it LOVE it and use it all the time. I put everything from my nutrition, fitness, health and holistic background into these recipes that range from hangover helpers, to slim down tonics. Check it out here!


In the Company of Women: Such an amazing books celebrating amazing women that have changed and will change the course of our current day feminist movement, from women in the workplace to body image, self love and having it all! This is a great read and gift for any woman blazing her own path!


Teavana Matcha Starter Kit: If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my many Insta-stories drinking matcha latte’s like a feign. I’m obsessed with making my own matcha concoctions combining superfoods and dairy-free substitutes for optimal health and a delicious treat! Here’s a great kit I love! This everything-included starter set comes with a matcha bowl, scoop, and whisk, and enough matcha to have them buzzing through the New Year.


Ugg Slipper for Him & Her: Ok, slippers are one gift that never goes out of style and are always needed! So making an investment feels a lot better, because with Uggs, you’ll have them for years!

I personally have gifted every man in my family a pair of the leather Ascott ugg slippers for men. Men basically live in them, they are fashionable, super comfy and your man can wear them outside…he LOVES this!

As for women, I love mine and no matter what you’re climate, keeping your tootsie’s warm is always a necessity. These feel like a slice of heaven.


Mantra Band: I love inspirational jewelry and even more so, I love to wear jewelry gifted to me by someone that means the world to me, so every time I wear it I think of them. These bracelets come in a variety of metals and the you can choose a word that speaks to you or your loved one to help keep them aligned to have an incredible 2018!


Hydro Flask: I drink 1 gallon of water each day. My brother gifted me a 40oz Hydra Flask and I have to say, this bottle is like an appendage to my body. It keeps things ice cold or super hot for 24 hours. Ahhhmazing! especially when working out on the beach, never a hot water bottle;)


Spanx Leather Leggings: Ladies, these are my jam! I have them in wine, black and navy. If you’re anything like me, I basically live in yoga clothes, but these are stylish, super comfy and can make any outfit look chic and totally posh! Take them from day to night. Also, if you’re looking for a total suck in legging, these are not it, but they are high waisted and super comfy and flattering on just about everyone I know.


Pottery Barn throw Blanket: My sis n’law has this and um…I wanted to die. I love cuddling under a throw blanket (I’m always cold) and this is by far a crowd pleaser! You can’t go wrong giving this gift to anyone!