Honey Mama Chocolate

No joke - this is my favorite chocolate. When I did do in-person retreats I always brought it and my ladies LOVED it! Now I share it wherever I go! Why I love it so much? It’s super clean, minimal ingredients, good for you and absolutely delicious! My favorite is the Mayan Spice or Peppermint but in truth I love them all!

 Tea Time with Pique Teas!

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I am a Tea LOVER and Pique Teas are my absolute go-to, because their taste and ingredients are unparalleled.  If you have a tea lover in your family or are one yourself check out the ODE TO TEA  LINK set! You can’t go wrong!

Sun Goddess Matcha

If you’re a Matcha lover and are looking for the highest quality for the extra anti-aging and metabolism boosting properties - look no further!  

Did you know that 1 cup of matcha is like drinking 10 cups of green tea?? If you haven’t tried this vibrant green superfood tea, you’re in for a treat. I’ve been obsessed with it lately and it has become part of my morning ritual.

Electric Turmeric

Pique only uses the best, 100% Organic ingredients. They even take it one step further by Triple Toxin Screening for pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic mold. You can trust that you’re drinking the purest turmeric out there. Most turmeric isn’t very bioavailable. That means the curcumin (the active health compound in turmeric) can’t actually get into your cells to make its magic happen. That’s why Pique makes their Electric Turmeric with fermented turmeric. 

If you’re looking for an easy, effective way to support your health right now or a loved ones - this is the gift! Create a morning or evening ritual by adding in Electric Turmeric.  It’s caffeine-free so you can drink it any time of day. I love to froth up some coconut milk and drink it at night before bed— it’s such a treat and I swear I’ve never felt this rested after.

Julian Bakery

I always get asked what bars I recommend there is really on one I personally eat and it’s these Julian Bakery Paleo Bars.  I love them because they are super clean, less than 5 real ingredients, and you can pick the protein source that best suits you and your diet.  So if you’re a non-meat eater like me you can choose egg white protein, whey, sunflower and more.  If you like meat, they are all wild and organic.  Bars for every dietary preference you can think of! I also love their Paleo Bread (coconut or almond are my faves! Add some avocado and I’m a happy camper!)

iKich Harbor Tea Kettle

I got one of these for my parents and myself and it’s a game changer! If you love tea and have warm water at your fingertips quickly, then you’ll love the luxury of having this tea kettle.  Whether you need to make oatmeal fast or steep some healing tea, I love this tea kettle and you can’t beat the price or the sleek look! It reminds me of being in Europe!


I love creating rituals with my coffee or tea and using a frother make it’s an experience.  This frother is great because it actually froths almond milk!

Lemon Sips

Let me tell you about some of the incredible things this sugar-free, fat-free, citrusy-delicious drink can That is amazing for glowing skin AND reducing cellulite!!! YES, I SAID IT! Run to buy this now - no joke-I drink it every day!

One glass of natural Lemon Sips each day, you’ll soon discover that it:
Helps detoxify + flush toxins from your system
Helps diminish cellulite and skin dimpling
Rehydrates and nourishes your skin
Helps protect skin from UV damage
Gives you a healthy boost of energy
And, of course, quenches the strongest thirst!

The real magic ingredient in Lemon Sips formula is SOD B®️ — a natural, antioxidant-rich extract derived from cantaloupe - it has been clinically proven to help visually reduce cellulite and skin dimpling around thighs, help restore skin elasticity and resilience, protect against UV skin damage, and help shrink fat cells below the skin surface. Get it now for you and your loved ones!

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Bone Broth

I love Bone Broth! My body loves it so much - I felt different immediately. My body started to crave it once I started drinking it. And for the longest time I didn't eat meat and actually don't love meat -but I love what animal protein does for my body! That's why I love Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth - takes all the hard work and guesswork out of getting the collagen-packed protein and nutrients you need to nourish your body, control hunger cravings, and even help smooth away wrinkles — without any cooking or prepping.

All the delicious flavors, nutrients, and health benefits of home-prepared bone broth — in easy-to-prepare individual servings.

+ 15g of protein per serving
+ Only 70 calories and 2g of carbs
+ Just 105mg of sodium compared to other broths
+ Low carbs / low calories / low sodium
+ Keto and Paleo friendly
+ Includes 7 individual packets
+ Just add hot water and serve!

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