The Love Your Body & Lose The Weight Program is your One Stop to Lose Weight, Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body, Feel Great & Be Done with Dieting forever!

No More Calorie Counting, No More Diets, No More Depriving.

It’s time to be free, to Thrive in Life in a body you LOVE!

THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU if you are ready to…

Look good naked

Get your confidence back

Own your worth and show up big in the world

Be connected to your body and your higher power

Ready to make these years the best years of your life!

Know who you are and what lights you up!

Wear only what you love

Feel beautiful, strong and fit inside and out

Love how you feel and who you are

Play big in life (no more hiding)

Be Done with Dieting and making yourself wrong!

The Testimonials are in…

You haven’t failed in anyway and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Your body isn’t broken and it’s not the enemy. You do NOT need more willpower or discipline.

Until you retrain your brain to love yourself and make peace with yourself and food, you’ll continue to struggle to lose weight.


Imagine If…

You were never on a diet ever again

You could wear whatever you wanted and always looked good

You never felt consumed by food or counted another calorie

You were never frustrated by the number on the scale

You could have the body you’ve always dreamed of

You ate ONLY when you’re hungry and knew exactly when to STOP

You were free from food forever

This isn’t just about losing weight.

This is about truly living in a body you love!


Welcome to a life that’s better than you ever thought possible in a body that you love and deeply cherish! This is your Lasting Weight Loss Solution! Hello FREEDOM!

  • 4, 1-hour Video Modules, per month

  • 4 Monthly, 1-Hour Live Q&A calls with Melissa, where she answers all your questions

  • Exclusive LYBLW Membership Access for simple convenience to access the entire program from anywhere which houses your modules, live call recordings, handouts, recipes, worksheet, workouts, hypnosis, affirmations, meditations and more.

  • LYBLW Private, Exclusive Online Sisterhood (that no one can access but members) where you’re supported by your peers, Melissa and your LYBLW Coach with daily motivation, inspiration and coaching!

  • 3x Online Challenges to keep you engaged, having fun and seeing your results!

  • Resources, gifts, bonus speakers, and more to make prioritizing YOU attainable, sustainable, and manageable…and most of all, fun!

  • Group Challenges for continued motivation, prizes, and more.


4 LIVE Group Coaching Calls – Each call runs about 60 minutes and is recorded for your listening pleasure, in case you are unable to attend live. You’ll receive invitations for these calls via email with reminders. For 2 of the calls each month, Melissa teaches Mindset Mastery and answers Q&A and the other 2 calls are held by her lead LYBLW Coach.

MK Method Video Modules – Each month you receive 4 Video Modules filled with content taking you through Melissa’s proven formula for diet free weight loss that lasts – her MK Method. Each video is yours to watch and listen to as often as needed. These videos are shared with you each Monday to view.

Exclusive Private Love Your Body & Lose The Weight Sisterhood for daily coaching and support – Be a part of a highly interactive, supportive, loving, and sacred community of your LYBLW sisters, as you experience this awesome journey together! In this online group, receive VIP coaching from your LYBLW coach, Weekly Q&A’s and special guest appearances by Melissa, along with the LYBLW members. We run challenges for prizes to keep you excited and having fun as you continually achieve your goals and set new ones!

Nutrition and Fitness Guides, Meditations, Hypnosis, and Endless Resources – Receive recipe guides, workouts, de-cluttering program, fitness guidance, mindset tools, hypnosis, and group energy healings!

Bonus Guest Speakers – Depending on where the group is, I bring in guest speakers to teach on topics that interest you and are needed for the group at that time, from Energy Healings, Sex, Hormones, Essential Oils, Relationships, Working with Your Angels, Bodywork, Goddess Archetypes, Tantra, Mindset… it varies but is always perfect and the women LOVE them!

This program will not only change your body, but your life in countless ways from being happy, healthier, energized, positive, more confident, and having better sex, deeper connections and more pleasure daily!

Trust me, your family and friends will not only notice but benefit from the program as well!


use promo code IAMWORTHYNOW at checkout


  • 4, 1-Hour Video Modules Per Month
  • 4 Monthly, 1-Hour Live Q&A calls
  • Private Facebook Community with daily coaching and peer-to-peer support
  • Exclusive, Private LYBLW Membership
  • 3x Online Challenges
  • Worksheets, Guides, Recipes, Workouts, Lifestyle Practices and More

I now trust myself.

“The biggest accomplishment is changing my relationship with myself. I now trust myself soooo much more and that trust radiates into every aspect of my life. I have healed a lot of dysfunctional thinking about food and exercise and about my own potency. If Present Me could talk to Past Me she would say, “Don’t hesitate, baby, GO FOR IT!!!!


40 years of dieting and I’m free!

“You found me at the lowest time of my life. You accomplished a miracle and your program gave me hope. 40 years of dieting and I’m free!”


Food will not solve or soothe my emotions.

For me, the biggest aha is that food will not solve or soothe whatever emotion I am experiencing – and that it is ok to experience and feel that emotion. That there is no right or wrong emotion – just emotion. I have developed the habit of anytime I reach for something I always ask myself, what am I feeling and will this solve the issue I am having. 99% of the time the answer is no!


The best, most transformative years of my life.

You gave me wings when I didn’t have the strength or the vision to be strong. You were a gigantic part of my 2017 and I am forever changed and grateful. 2018 is going to be one of the best, most transformative years of my life. I know this. I feel this. I needed to do the work to get to this point. No perfection! Just love and light


For once in my life, I feel whole and complete.

My biggest accomplishment is knowing I am capable of doing some really hard things. The way Melissa reaches people is by her amazing intuition. She knows what you need and what you are struggling with even before you do. She really focused on my mindset and my belief within myself. I have always struggled with feeling enough. She taught me so many tools and techniques to finally break through the many barriers that I surrounded myself with. For once in my life, I feel whole and complete.




You’re done feeling hopeless, stuck in dieting cycle, and having this be the same story on repeat.

I’ll be there with you every step of your journey, helping you take the small-but-powerful steps that lead to massive shifts in your body and life. This program sets you up to win! Take failure off the table!

In this phase you’ll:

  • Learn how to ditch self-sabotaging patterns (the binging, emotional eating, overeating, yo-yo dieting…)
  • Get rid of your scale and calorie tracker. Yup, you heard me. You learn how to measure your success by how you feel, fostering your reconnection back to you and your body.
  • Discover what’s been holding you back,
  • Delete your old stories and release your dieting identity to start retraining the mind.
  • Rewrite your new story while experiencing weight loss.
  • Learn ways to reconnect to your body and how to trust it.
  • Create healthy eating habits.
  • Identify movement you love and look forward to doing.I’m also reminding you about simple ways to eat, move, and start to get into healthier patterns. I know you need the tactical tools like learning the best foods for your body and how to move to get the best results but the mindset is the #1 key!
  • Take failure off the table!
  • You’ll dive into self-understanding at maybe your deepest level ever—and trust me: you’re gonna love it!
  • You’re going to love you and understand you better than you ever have!
  • Become your own best friend and lose the weight that has literally been weighing you down.
  • Here we focus on consistency, sustainability, and how to eat for the body you want not the body you have.


If there is one word that sums up the answer to your body battle, it’s connection.

Why is connection so important? A connection to your body allows you to access your own deep wisdom—and answers to questions like: Am I really hungry? Or just bored? What exercises does my body really want to do? You’ll learn what to reach for instead of reaching for a plate of carbs.

In this phase you’ll:

  • To reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit, and how to make it happen.
  • Break free from dieting and rebuild a relationship to your body and yourself—where food is fuel and can be enjoyed without reprimand.
  • How to eat and move your body for the results you want—energy, weight loss, toned muscles, and more.
  • Create practices and rituals throughout your day that keep you on track.
  • What your body really wants.
  • How to work with your body to get results that last.

Here, instead of reaching for a plate of carbs, we learn:

  • Different coping mechanisms for dealing with stress from kids, work, and relationships.
  • How to be so connected to who you really are. It’s all about celebrating you and loving you up!
  • No more holding back. No more apologizing. No more people pleasing or not asking for help or not receiving compliments.
  • No more ignoring the woman you’re meant to be. This is where you learn to shine!


This final step is all about feeling restored within and renewed from without.

When you reach an amazing place in your inner world, it’s time to show the world outside exactly how you feel.

It’s time for you to be SEEN in all your radiance!

This final step is all about feeling restored within and renewed from without.

  • You’ll implement deep self-care in your life to repair your relationship to yourself, your food, your body, and the people around you.
  • This phase is about lasting weight loss, and lasting change—tying all of the pieces together so you can experience true transformation.
  • Here you solidify your changes. Your new normal is smart, sexy, and confident, she is the best version of herself and it feels too good to go backward.
  • No more falling down and beating yourself up. You know how to feel good and you just won’t accept anything less.

Expect to experience:

  • Weight loss that lasts, no more diets
  • Full food freedom
  • De-cluttering of life, mind, and body to shake off those limiting beliefs, energy, and weight that’s keeping you stuck
  • Sparking your inner light so people can’t help but notice you
  • Creating a personal style that reflects you—and makes you feel sexy and luscious
  • Discovering what needs to change to help you feel like the best version of YOU—for good
  • Being consistently happy. The way you used to be is foreign to you now. That old life, that other body, and that old way of speaking feels like an imposter.
  • This is the point when you step back and realize how much you’ve grown in a short time. You won’t recognize yourself. You’ve done it!
  • Ending the lifelong battle with your body and food, with not being enough
  • Flow and ease with life
  • That you no longer react to the same people or situations that you used to
  • Having your relationship significantly improved
  • You are happier with more energy and a lightness you never thought possible.


How old were you the first time you believed, “There’s something
wrong with my body”? I was 10.

Through my pre­teen and teen year into adulthood, self­-criticism, insecurity, body dysmorphia and eating disorders… spilled into every area of my life. I felt like a failure and thought something was wrong with me… why couldn’t I just lose weight and keep it off? Why was I always thinking about food and feeling immense guilt and shame, daily? Why would I rather sit home and eat then be out with friends?

I tried every diet. My weight yo-yo’d endlessly up 10, down 10, and my relationship with food got deeper, as did my disdain for myself and my body. I even became a nutritionist and was a health coach, having a background in fitness trainer, I entered a competition, which is when the truth hit me…

I entered the International Natural Body Federation competition. I won the “Best Body” division. I stood there frozen when they called my name. Couldn’t they see all my flaws? There had to be some mistake.

Yes, I walked home with a trophy that day. But within 6 months, I’d gained every pound right back because I hadn’t healed the root cause of my constant dieting and emotional eating.

I knew how to eat—hell, I knew every diet by heart. I’d tried them all. I also knew how to workout to lose weight and transform my body. It didn’t matter. I didn’t need more information.

What I needed was me, a relationship with myself, a LOVING relationship with myself. Based on connection, trust, knowing who I was and liking her, all of her, even my “dark” side and the pieces I feared showing the world.

Underneath it all, I still believed I wasn’t enough. So, I took a decade to heal and develop the MK Method, the method in Weight Loss For Life, a program that gave myself and hundreds of women everything they need to break free from yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and self­-sabotage for good.

A moment of truth

Losing weight is not going to fix everything.

I stood on stage and won that international competition. Guess what? It didn’t fix my relationship with my body or myself. Or my guy problems. Or make me happy. Or make me confident.

If you don’t have your mind right, you will gain the weight back. It’s inevitable. If you don’t heal the root cause and retrain your mind to think differently, healing your relationship to you, your body and food then the weight will come back.

Today, I love myself. Food is just food, it’s fuel. I celebrate myself. I choose me. I choose happiness. I choose to make choices that serve me. Once you learn to do that everything is brighter and lighter.

You’ve spent a lifetime learning a lot of straight-up
lies about food and your body…

that food is love

that you’re not good enough unless you’re thin

that you don’t deserve to take the time to figure this out

that you’re not worthy of everything you want

that life is hard and you need to struggle to lose weight and have the things you desire most

that food is your reward for working so hard to take care of everyone else

that you might as well eat five slices of pizza since you’ve already blown your diet by having one


Now let’s take 9 months and give you the foundation you’ve always needed to lose weight, keep it off, and most importantly, love you, your body and your life!




Ready for a wildly effective ride where you learn how to think, how to eat, how to exercise and actually love it, and how to give your body everything it needs?

Are you ready to join us?


use promo code IAMWORTHYNOW at checkout


  • 4, 1-Hour Video Modules Per Month
  • 4 Monthly, 1-Hour Live Q&A calls
  • Private Facebook Community with daily coaching and peer-to-peer support
  • Exclusive, Private LYBLW
  • 3x Online Challenges
  • Worksheets, Guides, Recipes, Workouts, Lifestyle Practices and More


Don’t let another year pass you by feeling and looking like less than you deserve.

“My biggest accomplishment with this program is to get off the diet roller coaster. I’m learning to love, respect and have compassion for myself. I feel more centered. I am more connected to my feelings and body. I know I have a CHOICE in how I respond to any given situation. Melissa is GENUINE, she’s been down the path so she UNDERSTANDS and she is SUPER MOTIVATING!

I would absolutely recommend this program.”

SHERRIE HARTMAN – Weight Loss For Life Client

I am happier, more confident and have learned to love myself.

“I was able to stop the negative self-talk and no longer beat myself up. I am more positive and find myself choosing to see things from a positive perspective instead of a negative one. Prior to this program it was the opposite. I am more compassionate towards others and less critical. My biggest accomplishment was to stop beating up myself.

I love Melissa’s no non-sense approach. She is gentle but yet firm, she is compassionate and caring but does not allow you to wallow in the muck. She is action oriented and is a wealth of knowledge in all areas. She makes herself available when you need her.

The retreat was an AMAZING event and an experience that I will always carry with me.”

CONNIE AVALOS – Weight Loss For Life Client

REAL weight loss is occurring for the first time without it being an effort.

“My thoughts about food have changed & it’s amazing. Truly. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I choose foods that make me feel ‘well’ and avoid others. REAL weight loss is occurring for the first time without it being an effort because I removed it from my brain and replaced it with LOVE. (Whaaat!?!) I now take the loving action for me and ‘eat to live’ and live FREE of the burden food had become. Now it’s a supreme joy to eat really good food and enjoy it AND how I feel after I eat it. I love this newfound FREEDOM!!!”

KAREN BREA BECK – Weight Loss For Life Client

I almost want to cry for happiness

“Part of me is a bit scared to say this out loud but the other part is saying, “Who cares! Shout it out!”
For the first time since this program started, I can honestly say I feel genuinely light, free and happy. So much so that I almost want to cry for happiness. The feeling isn’t tied to any physical achievement or feeling like I’m in control either. It’s just this crazy feeling of love and joy bubbling out of all my pores. I’m not worrying about the days after this where I may not feel this, I’m just happy.”

JOANNE CLARK BURNS – Weight Loss For Life Client

I make healthier choices but still enjoy food

“My eating habits have changed to where I only eat when I’m hungry, not when I think I should. I don’t think about weight loss anymore, but look in the mirror and see an amazing process. I love how I feel after I workout so much that I do something almost every day. My body is changing and shifting and it is an exciting process. But I do not think of myself on a diet anymore. I make healthier choices but still enjoy food.”

DIANNA KEELER – Weight Loss For Life Client

I put on a sundress that I could not wear last year

“Got off the phone with Melissa Kathryn Farley just now and I need to brag. I put on a sundress that I could not wear last year. I also wore a pair of shorts this weekend that I had not worn in 3 years and this Monday I wore a swimsuit for the first time this year and I felt good. It’s the little changes that are making the big impact. They are huge. Now, I will face my fears and feel the resistance.”

JULIE HEJNY – Weight Loss For Life Client

The pants fell down!

“A little brag…I put on an old pair of pajamas the other night and walked across the room to get into bed— and the pants fell down. They were sooooo loose. I loved it. So did my husband.”

KATHY LASTAS – Weight Loss For Life Client


Not necessarily. The amount of time will depend on the amount of weight to lose and your actions. For many, it doesn’t take one year to lose the weight they want but it takes 6 months to get it off and keep it there. I want to see you through the ups and downs, the holidays, traveling, and getting out of your routine…everything and anything that can come up.

That’s when you get tested and that’s when you get derailed.

There is going to be a piece of you that wants to put the weight back on. The mind knows yo-yo diet. It knows stop and start. And that’s what we change in this program.

It’s not about dieting. It’s not about restricting.

It’s about sustainable weight loss, simplified.

If you’ve been dieting for years, it’s never just about the food. Food has become your coping mechanism for life. That doesn’t serve you now and it won’t serve you down the road as weight (and guilt) accumulate. This program will not only address but heal those issues so that you lose the weight with ease and keep it off so you feel lighter emotionally AND physically.

It’s time for YOU to be in the spotlight, not food. Food has stolen your happiness for too long and life is short, so start today and reclaim the body and life that’s meant for you!

This will not be an issue as there are other things we can do and the majority of weight loss comes through shifting your diet and your mindset. 90% of weight loss is from your nutrition and lifestyle, so you learn how to shift those and release the weight!

No. Meals plans are just another form of dieting. If you take the meal plan away, do you trust yourself to make the right food choices or even know what to eat for your body? You don’t want to have to take a plan to your vacation or home for the holidays…

Life is not lived on a plan and you can’t be present and enjoying life if you are living in fear of gaining weight and don’t trust yourself. This program sets you up to be able to go away on vacation and not worry about gaining weight, to have a social life and attend weddings and holidays with ease—without overeating or fearing food.

We help you, especially at first, to ease the discomfort of not having a plan by offering helpful guidelines to follow while learning how to trust yourself and your body and get reconnected to your own inner guidance that will lead to effortless weight loss!

There is a replay posted that you have access to for life. You have the recordings and you have them for life. You can also post any questions you have in the Facebook group.

Support is everything that’s why LYBLW gives you multiple ways to get what you need. The Facebook forum is there for you round-the-clock to get your questions throughout the week. Plus, that’s where we bring in guests and post challenges to keep you motivated and successful all year!

Sorry, no. I believe in commitments and setting an intention from the start of a program. If you sign up with an attitude that it’s not going to work for you, then you are setting yourself up to fail. But if you join with the belief this program will work for you, then it will. Stopping and starting is part of the vicious cycle that has plagued you your whole life. Changing this pattern will revolutionize your life.

Yes! And trust me, you will go back to it time and time again, because it will continue to help you, and apply to your life as you grow and change.  It’s was created that way 🙂

This is where I’m going to say the thing you don’t want to hear but it’s the truth and you need to hear it….

If you don’t have an hour a week to dedicate to yourself, then you’re not in control of your own life and that’s exactly why you haven’t been able to lose this weight and keep the weight off.

Is this a consistent theme in your life, having “no time”? If it is, you’re hiding behind being too busy as a way to stay stuck and it’s not working for you.

You’re not the only one in this boat, trust me, but it’s time to get real with yourself and the things you keep saying you want and that are important to you. I know life is challenging and busy, but you need to be the priority in your own life.

We’ll teach you how to do this so you can have what you want—as well as be there for your family, work, and other things that make you happy.

First off, there will always be a reason why not to do something. What I want you to focus on are all the reasons why you should. What would your life be like if you lost this weight and felt great in your body and you loved what you saw in the mirror? How would you feel? What would you do differently?

Now you tell me if this is what can be yours in 90 days time, why would you not invest in yourself and this program?

This program works because it is so comprehensive. You really do get what you pay for.

It’s amazing how quickly you can get unstuck if you have the right support. This is why I do a video each week where I answer your questions. You can ask things like:

  • I’m having a hard time making time for myself. What can I do?
  • I notice I stop and start—what are some ideas to stay consistent?
  • I was doing great and then something happened and derailed me…
  • What’s a good go-to snack?
  • How do I travel and stick with this?
  • What are some good indoor workouts?
  • I’m looking for a good cold/flu remedy.
  • I notice that I’m comparing myself to my coworker.
  • My kids are driving me nuts…I hate to say that but they are.
  • I’m frustrated at work and I’m struggling to use my voice. How do I stand up for myself?
  • I am having a hard time connecting to my body.
  • I’m snacking for no reason.
  • I stress eat, do you have any ideas about that?
  • What are some tips for getting my water in?
  • How do I have better sex? Orgasms? Sleep?

You can ask a question and get 5 ideas so you can pick the thing that works for you.

Speak from your heart but be aware—men do not understand emotional eating or experience it the way we do. You have to tell him how it’s impacting you, the moods, not preparing meals at home, not feeling good in your body naked, wanting to be more intimate, and to not have to think about this anymore.

He wants nothing more than for you to be happy and if he knows you are sad and struggling then he will want this for you.

What I suggest to my clients with their man is to do the following:

  1. Speak from your heart—your husband wants you to be happy. He wants nothing more and if he knows you are sad and struggling then he will want this for you.
  2. Be aware—men do not understand emotional eating or experience it the way we do. You have to tell him how it’s impacting you, the moods, not preparing meals at home, not feeling good in your body naked, wanting to be more intimate and to not think about this anymore. That you fear where it will lead if you don’t do something about it.
  3. That you know without a doubt this program is for you.
  4. Men understand numbers-break it down into how it will positively impact you, him and your family. Don’t focus on the dollar value.
  5. Keep it short and sweet and go in with a “I have a problem and this is my solution but I need you to make it happen”. Let him be your hero 🙂

Yes! You may pay in full to save or choose a 2 payment plan or a 10 payment plan for this program.

I get it, you’ve tried it all, so this is a natural fear. But here’s the deal: I don’t let you fail. I can’t do the work for you, but I support you and hold you to showing up. I believe in you. You can do this, especially if you’re reading this right now.

This program is structured to give you multiple forms of support, from live support from me via the group calls, weekly Q&A videos, and FB lives, your private coaches, a full supportive community of the other LYBLW women…you’re not alone, it’s time to get out of isolation and do this for you!

This program is not a diet. It’s setting you up for lasting weight loss and real results that you can attain and maintain for life. It’s holistic, tying together tactical tools and knowledge with mindset retraining and intuitive guidance. This heals your relationship with yourself so you can finally make peace with food and start loving you. Not every woman will get to do this important work, but you have a chance to step up and truly thrive in all aspects of your life!