Hear me when I say this . . .

You already have your ideal body. You’ve got it. The only thing standing in your way is you; your belief that you can have your ideal body.

Living in your ideal body is not just about knowing what to eat or how to move your body.

Living in your ideal body is about getting to the root of why you doubt yourself and why you get in your own way. It’s about knowing why you start losing weight but then start missing workouts and eating dessert to gain the weight back before you even got to enjoy having lost it in the first place.

I spoke with a group client of mine. She has tried every diet and done a ton of “work” on herself. She believes “she’s still broken and needing to be fixed” or in her mind she needs to “lose weight” before she can be fully happy and have the life she wants. She said “Melissa, I don’t know why I do this. I start a program and only do it for 2-3 weeks and then I stop. I never follow through”. Can you relate?

In our coaching call, she had this beautiful “AHA” moment as I connected the dots for her. There was no way in hell her subconscious mind would let her turn her back on food, no matter how much she wanted to get the weight off. Food had always been there for her. It’s comforted her when she was feeling lonely and abandoned as a child. It helps her feel safe, accepted and loved, even as an adult.

Throughout our lives, we have been trained to turn to food for comfort in many ways.

Food fills the gap in our lives and within ourselves; we fill the ‘lacking’ with food.

This is why it is soooooo hard to stay on a diet and not sabotage yourself.

Your mind wants to protect you and keep you safe. Your mind only remembers what you feel and will create a pattern of behavior with that feeling.

Until you repair the lack in your life and within yourself, you will continue to fill the ‘lacking’ with food.

This is where and why we yo-yo diet. This is why we sabotage.

I talk about this in my book coming out in March, (link to book) and break it down so you can not only get to the root for you but also understand your Archetype and how this stands in the way of you and lasting weight loss.

On the phone, my client’s “AHA” was wonderful to witness as she realized it’s not her fault for not sticking to a diet. It’s the “diet” aspect that does not work for her because none of what she is telling herself to do feels good for her. She sees and understands the connection of not feeling good and turning to food.

This connection now empowers her to catch herself. When this feeling of lack shows up, she can identify what she needs in place of food and start to repair that relationship with herself. As she repairs the relationship, she can then lose the unwanted weight.

You can too.

Let me know if you can relate to this in any way. Are you feeling a “lacking”?