One of the main questions I ask when I speak with women is super simple but very profound for them – leading to big “AHA’s” that are helpful for their breakthroughs.  I want to share it with you…

In your opinion, what’s stopping you from reaching your weight loss and health goals?

Their response is either.

“Me” or “I really don’t know…”

The 2nd response is a cop out.  When we say we don’t know, we aren’t taking the time to even ask ourselves and therefore, in my mind, don’t really want to dive in to find the answer.

In that case, I’ll reframe the question to speak more to where they are, because, what I know is, when we don’t want to know, it’s because of fear of what we’ll find.

Then I reframe it and say “In what ways are you getting in the way of your weight loss and health goals?”

Now, we can get somewhere! From this place, the conversation becomes…

I eat late at night

I eat when I’m not hungry

I eat all the wrong foods

I overeat

I snack all day long

I eat when I’m stressed

I’m lonely

I’m exhausted and eat in hopes of energy

I feel like I deserve it

I eat when I have a bad day

Do you see a connection?

Food is the cure all for everything that is and is not working in their lives.

When this happens, you can’t expect that when you decide to go on a diet, all of sudden you won’t depend on your trusty companion, ie. food, to help you.

What I teach, and yes it can be uncomfortable at first, but it’s how to cope without food. How to release the crutch that has become painful for you in your life, keeping you from the life you desire.

I’ve been humbled and so honored by the community of badass women in Weight Loss For Life 2017.  The transformations alone in the past few weeks are unmeasurable, not interns of weight loss, but in terms of happiness, lasting breakthroughs, real self-love, support and women experiencing life in a way that had been lost to them, and we have only JUST started the program.  I mean husbands are writing love letters, women are motivated, working out daily, inspired, happy and finally making peace with food and learning to love their bodies.

I share this, because ~Contact.FirstName~, it’s in the digging, in the questioning and stepping into the fear that binds us, that we become free!

I challenge you for the next 72 hours, to be your own investigator into your struggle with weight. Do this by:

  1. Question yourself before eating – Are you really hungry?
  2. Check in while eating – Are you full, do you really need more or are you comfortable where you are?
  3. Check in emotionally with these 3 deeper diving questions: When you feel a pull to eat and you know you’re not hungry, Ask yourself  – What’s going on in my life right now? Is food going to help me? What do I really need instead?

This will be very powerful for you. Then log all the foods you eat when you’re not hungry and out of your emotional eats.  I guarantee, at the end of the day, the foods you log will add up to the additional, unwanted weight on your body.

I’d love to hear how this challenge was for you! You can email me directly at  Also, I SO love to read your comments on my blog, so make sure to post below!



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