I was triggered the other day by a friend. She made me feel awful and insecure.

 MKandNicoleI sat with this feeling and knew it wasn’t about her. It was a feeling within me, but why? What was going on?

So a little back story. . .

I was at a spiritual growth retreat this weekend which involves A LOT of introspection, healing and personal growth.  I love all this and I teach it. They are amazing! They leave me feeling raw and emotionally vulnerable.

How many times have you felt uncomfortable? Not liked? Not included, not accepted, not enough, felt lack, not trusted? You get my point;) How many times has someone, a friend, colleague, boss, or partner left you feeling less than who you are?

These social and life triggers are direct mirrors of ourselves and our own limiting beliefs.

You see, when we feel triggered, it’s not about the other person. It’s about how they made us feel, BUT they didn’t do anything. It’s our own limiting belief that makes their statement or actions support our negative views of ourselves.

Does this make sense?

Check out todays video to get a step-by-step breakdown of how to turn limiting beliefs into powerful, positive affirmations and experiences.


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