What if endless orgasms and calorie-free ice cream existed?
It would look something like this…

Oh, if life were a movie. I may not be able to do that (I’m talking about the ice cream here…geez dirty bird;) BUT I have something for you that’s pretty close!

If life could be ENDLESS ORGASMS & CALORIE-FREE ICE CREAM we’d be ALL smiles ALL the time, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, BUT it can feel a WHOLE lot better than the struggle you are putting yourself through RIGHT NOW.


✔ Certified Nutritionist to teach you the proper way to eat for your body to lose
weight with ease and feel energized

✔ Stylist to show you the ideal colors, styles and fit for your body type and personal style

✔ Fitness Expert to create and guide you to a body changing fitness routine

✔ Mindset Coach to dive into how your thoughts are holding you back and keeping you
from losing weight and feeling fabulous

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?
Well, I have exciting news for you! I’m on the West Coast and will be in a city near you!

Claim your spot today.

If you’ve been….

Wanting to make healthy meals that are fun AND easy but where do you find the time or recipes?

I hear you! That’s why I have created countless healthy recipes to create in under 5 minutes and provide you a custom grocery list, nutrition guide and empowered eating plan for your continued weight loss success.

Trying to be consistent with your workouts but can’t seem to stick to a schedule and the results aren’t showing –

Together, we discover movement you love and create a plan you’ll stick to, so you get the results you’ve been dying to see!

You want to look stylish and have outfits that flatter your body, making you feel fabulous but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

Virtual or in-person closet tour, style quiz and body buying guide will give you the exact fashion face-lift you need!


This experience is for the women who were ready to get the weight off yesterday, need the individualized attention and know that diets don’t work and that No one diet is right for everyone – you need your own plan and one that works for your lifestyle that will give you easy and lasting results.

During this experience you will receive a thorough assessment of what you are currently doing that needs shifting or a full overhaul. Walk away with a fully customized food, fitness, style and lifestyle plan to implement right away with ease so you not only see results quickly and feel empowered and experience immediate change.

This is about losing weight and keeping it off but you have to have the right plan and tools to get you there.

What’s included:

✔4 Hour Red Carpet Experience

✔Custom Designed Body, Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle Plans

✔ Body, Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment: Full review of your current choices and lifestyle

✔ 1 Hour Hypnosis or 1 Hour Style Session

✔2 Follow up 30 minute Coaching Sessions

✔ 1-Hour Pre-session Intensive

✔ Custom recipes, workouts, handouts, practices and materials


Hypnosis is extremely powerful and can give you relief, freedom and control in many areas of your life where you have struggled. It is a natural, deep form of meditation and relaxation where we use the power of your subconscious mind to take control of your life and free you from limiting beliefs to accomplish your goals. Because many behaviors and habits have strong emotional components, we access the subconscious to clear old negative emotions releasing unwanted behaviors or habits. This experience is perfect if you have struggled repeatedly with the same blocks or behaviors that are keeping you stuck – whether it’s weight loss, health, fitness, self love, love…these sessions are designed to give you rapid results to experience an immediate shift in your thoughts and behaviour.

What’s included:

✔  Three 60-minute Hypnotherapy Coaching Sessions

✔  1-hour PreSession Assessment

✔  Email Support between sessions

✔  Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

✔  Custom practices & coaching materials to support progress