I’m finally free and it feels amazing!

For so long, all I wanted was to feel free andI have it because of what I’m sharing with you today.

What does freedom mean to you?

When I began my business I got known as the Done With Dieting girl.

At first, Done With Dieting was all about actual dieting.

But then it became so much more. It was about letting go of all lack, isolation, restriction and deprivation.

All “less than” thinking and where I was cutting myself off from joy.

This was the journey that I took that brought me home, to me. The journey that made me WHOLE and completely FREE, body, mind, spirit and in life!

My journey and expectation now is to receive ONLY miracles, tons of fun, HAVING IT ALL, living an extraordinary life, positively impacting millions along the way.

So how did I get here?

The thing I’ve found that people need more than anything, including me, is someone to believe in them. To give them permission to dream and own their dreams. To tell them they can have every ability within them to be who they have always wanted to be, from an athlete, to author, mother to fashion designer to entrepreneur to singer and more.

I’m fortunate to have been that voice and love for my clients and I’ve seen them thrive as the result. There is a level of acceptance I believe we all seek. A level of love and approval. And I NOW, have this within me. And it feels amazing!

What I’ve found in my journey to Wholeness, was that I mastered 4 specific areas. I call them the 4 P’s to Wholeness. The Physical, Psycho-spiritual, Purpose and Power, that creates the whole self – fully loving and thriving in life in a body you love.

For me and my clients, it started with the physical-my body and weight – I wanted to be done with diets and obsessing over calories and my weight. But then I realized even with the weight off, I was not happy – and that it was never about the weight. But I had to learn what my body needed to thrive, how to feel strong and get lean and fit and the only way to achieve the body I have and maintain it, I know is because I subscribed to Wholeness.

I became Whole.

So then I had to look at my mindset. And my journey to Wholeness went from the Physical (which I still maintain by being whole) to focusing on the Psychological, the mental, my mindset and belief system. And I saw mine was broken. I was playing the victim. I was living in “Not Being Enough” instead of knowing I was “More Than Enough As I Was”. Which was holding me back from pursuing my purpose and passions.

This lack of faith and connection to a higher power, to myself, was causing me to always turn outward, instead of inward. To turn to overeating, over-shopping, over drinking…just excess. It was all from fear of connecting to myself – knowing how powerful I am and what I can create. What we all can create and be.

This is when my spiritual awakening, my deep connection, became my super-power and the greatest gift ever cultivated for myself and my clients, coming home to the truth of who I was before I ever thought I was less than, due to a number on the scale or any limiting belief conjured up from life.

Then, the next step in my journey to Wholeness after the Physical and Psycho-spiritual was Purpose – pursuing my dreams. I was only able to do this because I had shifted my mindset, became a clear channel with my body to attune to the universe and tap into my inner guidance system. This is where purpose became about connection to myself, my truth and innate gifts and the universe at hand.

Lastly, in my journey to Wholeness I was called to step into my Power – the power of the Feminine. It was a new way of operating for me, based on flow, merging the feminine and masculine energy we all have in us, to live my most fabulous life, lit up and feeling more alive than ever before.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being guided on a distinct journey that brought me to Wholeness, a joy and feeling of magic, inner peace, confidence, boundless love and a deeper happiness than I’ve ever known.

Where my desires come to me easily and I’m in constant co-creation with the universe and life.

So what has this created for me, me being Whole?

  1. Being in a complete love affair with myself – this is EPIC and Life-Changing
  2. Feeling at total peace – in my body and life. No more searching, comparing, regretting or second guessing, wondering “what if” instead loving what it!
  3. Building my business in feminine flow – not from striving or struggling – not in body breakdown – but from aligned, inspired action and attraction – SO FUN!
  4. Trusting myself and my body without question – SAVED ME THOUSANDS in medical bills and healers, intuitives and more
  5. Finding my voice and using my voice, fully expressing myself unapologetically! Um – Wow, this was a game changer for me!
  6. Receptive to any and all good that comes – Receiving WITHOUT rejecting or deflecting!
  7. Giving myself permission to pursue my dreams in a way I’d never known! – NO REGRETS!
  8. Greater levels of wealth and abundance everywhere – UM YES PLS!
  9. Being a magnet for my desires – THIS IS POWERFUL!
  10. Positively enriching all relationships in every area of my life – No More Drama!
  11. Immense confidence and security in who I am and what I deserve – SELF-WORTH = NET WORTH
  12. Spiritually awake – Deep connection with my highest self and Source – PRICELESS AND BY FAR THE BEST PART!
  13. Being a YES to life and only what serves me – honoring my NO’s – Speaks for itself!
  14. PRESENCE – Loving the moment. No where else I want to be or allow my mind to go!

Are you ready to be Whole, and to unlock the LIGHT that is YOU?

To be fully empowered and step into your greatness, your highest self with unwavering confidence, clarity and passion?

It’s time to shed our limiting beliefs, the old stories and habits that aren’t working.