In today’s episode, Melissa speaks about the power in releasing control and shares exact steps to let go to create even more joy and certainty in your life. Here’s the thing with control – when we’re in control, we’re trying to play “God” with our own lives – meanwhile blocking the universe from giving us what it is we really want from the path of least resistance.

The bottom line is, you’re not allowing room for support from anyone or anything in your life – making you feel like you always need to control, strive and struggle to create the results you want. You make life challenging this way – you’re cutting off those who love you and want to support you by your tight grip.

Melissa talks about her life-altering career change that brought her to pursue her passion for coaching and helping women. But the thing she felt called to help women with, was the very thing Melissa struggled with – her weight but she discovered it wasn’t actually the weight she was pained by; it was her lack of love for herself – her denial of her true self and critical inner voice that kept her stuck and always pushing instead of trusting and allowing.

As an ex-controller, she’s witnessed first-hand the power in letting go and shares how you experience a greater sense of control and certainty when you release and let go.

Melissa dives deep into this in today’s episode, while giving you the exact tools you need to trust and allow so that you can have the freedom and flow you’ve been wanting in your life, mirrored by magical manifestations greater than your imagination.

Brief Outline:

  1. When we’re in control, it’s like we’re playing God in our life.
  2. Being too controlling, we don’t allow family and friends who love us and want to support us.
  3. Huge life changes are scary and stressful and cause us to grasp even greater for a sense of control.
  4. As humans, once we master one thing, we want to move on and master something else.
  5. We all have struggles and millions struggle with their weight. Melissa points out that it’s not actually the weight that we are struggling with – it’s the lack of self love.
  6. We love the feeling of control – because we think that through control we’ll be able to determine our outcome.
  7. Controllers will typically receive guidance but they never listen because they have their own agenda and disallow universal support – blocking them from something greater than their mind can conceive.
  8. Your ego = your mind is based on human experience only.
  9. Our minds are set up for survival.


 What You’ll Learn:

  • How to release control but feeler an even greater sense of certainty
  • The power in letting others in and how to do with colleagues, employees and loved ones
  • Allowance and flow come from this 1 practice
  • Discover how to create a new identity that you can love today
  • How to operate in the world as a Queen and what that means
  • Exact steps to release control and practice being in flow


 Key Quotes:

“I struggled with my weight. But underneath that, it was never about the weight. Underneath my struggles with food, underneath my struggles with my body – i discovered i truly struggled with a lack of love for myself.”

“I spent many years in struggle but I was still successful. This became confusing because I was successful. But I was successful and burnt out. I was successful and I got cancer. I was successful and I was not happy.” 

“If you’re a dieter you thrive on control, you need a plan. You need to know exactly what your next step is. And without that next step, you don’t take that next step.” 

“You have to trust yourself.”

“We’re all controllers.”

“I love to-do lists!”

“Our minds are set up for survival. Our mind only knows what we’ve taught it.” 

“Complete disconnection to oneself. Complete disconnection from my highest power equals complete rejection and no self love.”

“Ego makes you think  your mind is going to give you freedom, is going to give you peace, that your mind is going to guide you on how to become the women that you desire to be versus the women you currently are. You’re sabotaging yourself because your mind can’t take you there. Your mind is like a rubber band and it’s always going to snap you back to status quo. It’s always going to bring you back to where you are now.” 

“Lady loves, we release control by listening to that still quiet voice within us that says this is your next step.”

“A man wants to be a hero. A man wants to do it for you, but he can’t do it for you when you’re always making him feel that if he helps you, it’s never right.”

“I don’t want to release control because I’m afraid of what I’ll find.” 

“Perfectionism is a disease that robs us from finding true peace and happiness in life. It’s the number one joy stealer.” 

“I am so grateful to be the daughter of my mother. She is my best friend. An epic woman.”

“Controllers cut off divine consciousness.”



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