It’s time to simplify.

Weight Loss is not meant to be hard. I know this to be true, I teach it and have seen thousands achieve lifelong weight loss through my method and programs, including myself for over 12 years now.

And I just came off almost 2 months of bed rest and 4 months of not being able to do more than slow walking without gaining a pound.

The reason: it’s because of the way I care for myself and love my body.

If you’ve been stuck, now is the time to get unstuck and start losing the weight that has been holding you back.

If you print out this email and follow it for 1 month you will see significant results. The key is consistency.

Don’t let that negative voice in your head rob you of what you deserve!

Here are 10 simple ways to see results, fast that last!




10 Simple Weight Loss Tips with Guaranteed Results!

Follow these and I promise, if you do them consistently for 1 month, you will see significant changes in your body!

  1. Eat Clean to Get Lean. Reduce processed foods (things in bags, frozen meals, heavy sauces and items that can live in your cupboards) and replace them with whole foods like lean protein, fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds, and whole grains.
  2. Stop Eating after 6pm. Allow your body to digest and detox while you sleep so you wake up hungry, rested and energized to start your day.
  3. Drink 3-4 liters of water. This aids digestions and helps you assess hunger, as more times than not, you eat when you are thirsty.
  4. Reduce your sugar intake by 50%. The average woman should consume 6 tsp of sugar a day to maintain her current weight. FYI – 1 slice of Wheat Bread has 3 Tsp of sugar.
  5. Eat Protein at every meal. 3-4 oz for main meals and 1-2 oz for snacks (if you snack)
  6. Track your food. Have a food journal so you can partner with your body and find out what foods work best and what cause weight gain or pain in the body.
  7. Make Breakfast and lunch your largest meals and dinner your smallest and eat it early.
  8. Move more. You don’t have to kill yourself with hour long sweat sessions, but moving more will help you stay aligned with your goals and feel better in your body.
  9. Prep for a successful week! You know I am a HUGE advocate for food prep! You see me create all my meals on Instagram in under 5 minutes for me and my family. If you don’t follow me go here now to get insider tips with me.
  10. Partner with yourself to love your body. Take your focus off weight loss and get excited about being healthy, having fun and getting fit!

Hope this helps you! You can do this!!!! Stay consistent and committed💗


Radiantly Yours,


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