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MK’s 3 Part Training Series: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting and Finally Make Peace with Food

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My biggest accomplishment with this program is to get off the diet roller coaster. I’m learning to love, respect and have compassion for myself. I feel more centered. I am more connected to my feelings and body. I know I have a CHOICE in how I respond to any given situation.

Melissa is GENUINE, she’s been down the path so she UNDERSTANDS and she is SUPER MOTIVATING!

I would absolutely recommend this program.

Sherrie Hartman

I am happier, more confident and have learned to love myself. I was able to stop the negative self-talk and no longer beat myself up. I am more positive and find myself choosing to see things from a positive perspective instead of a negative one. Prior to this program it was the opposite. I am more compassionate towards others and less critical. My biggest accomplishment was to stop beating up myself.

I love Melissa’s no non-sense approach. She is gentle but yet firm, she is compassionate and caring but does not allow you to wallow in the muck. She is action oriented and is a wealth of knowledge in all areas. She makes herself available when you need her.

The retreat was an AMAZING event and an experience that I will always carry with me.

Connie Avalos

There is so much about Melissa that I absolutely love, but the thing that I think I love the most is Melissa’s huge heart. She has so much compassion and love for each person in that little body of hers. I also appreciate her vast knowledge and her ability to tap into each person and make them feel so unique and special. She has so many gifts, it’s hard to pinpoint one or two.

My biggest accomplishment is knowing I am capable of doing some really hard things. The way Melissa reaches people is by her amazing intuition. She knows what you need and what you are struggling with even before you do. She really focused on my mindset and my belief within myself. I have always struggled with feeling enough. She taught me so many tools and techniques to finally break through the many barriers that I surrounded myself with. For once in my life, I feel whole and complete. Her program is so unique and targets all area of your life. It’s learning how to balance and prioritize your life and change that belief that you are good enough and with change great things are possible.

Trisha Jamison

Are you ready to be free from food, to be Done With Dieting™, to no longer struggle with your weight or feeling like food is controlling you?

Now is YOUR time and Weight Loss For Life is YOUR solution!