This is such an important video. Please take the few minutes to really hear the message I’m sharing, it’s meant for you!


Melissa, please repeat this affirmation: “I am lovable, I am loved, I love me” on repeat all day, each day and especially when you see yourself in the mirror. Make this your go-to mantra.


Now is the time to celebrate you, not abandon yourself with thoughts of not being enough.


You are amazing now, exactly as you are, you are incredible and deserve to hear it and believe it, but it must start with you.



In this video you’ll learn:


  • Catch criticism and complaining in its tracks today
  • 3 magic words to clear a negative thought
  • How to stop a negative thought from becoming a belief
  • End negative talk spirals before they sabotage you


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I’m here with you every step of the way!


All my love,