If we haven’t met yet, I’m Melissa Kathryn.

When I first started coaching, I focused on weight loss. I discovered the key to lasting weight loss – healing from emotional eating and over 20+ years of yo-yo dieting.

Once I healed what I was REALLY hungry for and truly loved being me, I fell in love with myself and my body.

It was through this process that I learned the secret keys to ending overeating, emotional eating and truly having an awesome healthy relationship with food.

I then took the exact journey I’d been on and extracted step-by-step what I did to transform and created a program to help thousands of other women from all over the globe do it too.

But the best part was it grew into something far greater…

As time progressed and I coached more women, I dug deeper within myself too.

What I discovered was earth-shattering and life changing. Not just for me, but for my clients too. What I found was simple and true: a woman’s lack of love and connection with herself is at the root of her weight issues, and her feelings of being incomplete – of living life unhappy and small – it was all about worthiness, or a lack thereof.

The root cause was not being Whole.

A DEFINING MOMENT: When a woman overcomes the underlying issue of being disconnected and lacking love for herself, she discovers the incredible – very personal – experience of true empowerment. She becomes whole.

To see so many women realize how powerful, complete, and whole they already were (including myself) I realize that I never wanted to see another woman suffer or struggle as I had. I never want to see another woman feel isolated, ashamed, and/or guilty because of food, her weight or feeling of not being enough. I never wanted to see another woman struggle with feelings of unworthiness again. No woman left behind!

The work that I was able to do with my clients privately – and in groups – was profound. Women became whole and fell in love with themselves. The transformation was far greater than weight loss – it was women becoming WHOLE.

This is my life’s work! I help women fully step into their brilliance and badassery, and U-N-L-E-A-S-H what their heart has been longing to be. They become UNSTOPPABLE!


This is what I want for you too.