This is your One Stop to Lose Weight, Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body, Feel Great & Be Done with Dieting for good!

No More Calorie Counting, No More Diets, No More Depriving.

It’s time to be free, to Thrive in Life in a body you LOVE!

All you have to do to lose weight is eat less and exercise more, right?

So how come you’re still struggling to lose the same 5, 20, 50+ pounds for decades and what feels like your whole life? The Reason… hint, it’s NEVER about the food or about you needing to lose weight.

Where there’s lack, you’ll fill those gaps with food… whether it’s a lack of love, feeling dissatisfied in your career, or if you’ve never learned how to be happy just being yourself.

Dieting is the definition of insanity – it’s doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Whether you’ve done Weight Watchers, South Beach, 21 Day Fix, Sugar Free, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting…they are all forms of dieting, where your sole goal is weight loss, not happiness.

Until you identify what’s missing, there’s no diet, no shake, no pills or exercise plan in the world that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good. You will inevitably gain weight back, because you haven’t actually dealt with the core issue—the root cause—where this all started for you.

The Testimonials are in…

You haven’t failed in anyway and there’s nothing wrong with you.

Your body isn’t broken and it’s not the enemy. You do NOT need more willpower or discipline.

Until you retrain your brain to love yourself and make peace with yourself and food, you’ll continue to struggle to lose weight.


This isn’t just about losing weight.

This is about truly living in a body you love!

Program Details

Welcome to the most in-depth, comprehensive, fun, supportive, online group coaching program that results in lasting weight loss, full food freedom, and deep self-love to create a life that’s better than you ever thought possible in a body that you love and deeply cherish!

  • 3 1-Hour Video Modules a month
  • 3 Monthly, 1-Hour Live Q&A calls with Melissa, where she answers all your questions
  • 9 total 30-minute coaching calls with your very own Weight Loss Coach

  • Two 3-day retreats in San Diego, CA where you get taken out of your environment and daily patterns to make room for transformational change (airfare and hotel not included)
  • Exclusive access to the WL4L membership site which houses recipes, worksheet, workouts, hypnosis, affirmations, and more
  • The Weightloss For Life Fitness Training App which gives you customized workouts based on your personal goals
  • Resources, gifts, bonus speakers, and more to make prioritizing YOU attainable, sustainable, and manageable…and most of all, fun!
  • Group Challenges for continued motivation, prizes, and more.
This program will not only change your body, but your life in countless ways from being happy, healthier, energized, positive, more confident, and having better sex, deeper connections and more pleasure daily!

Trust me, your family and friends will not only notice but benefit from the program as well!

The Testimonials are in…

I finally feel like the CEO of my life and it’s awesome!

“Today I’m grateful for the ability to choose. I finally feel like the CEO of my life and it’s awesome! The universe has my back because my heart’s desires are being fulfilled as I post this. And so it is!”


I am done with dieting forever!!!

“Food = nutrition for my body. It is NOT for comfort, boredom, celebration, depression.
Weight Loss has more to do with mindset and changing bad habits. You don’t need to count calories or points to lose it. I am done with dieting forever!!! Oh, joy, no more dieting! Fitness doesn’t have to be torture to work. My body is a fantastic machine that I am very grateful for.”


I am the healthiest I have been, ever.

“Weight loss as a whole has also changed. I have learned to be patient with myself and I see it more holistically vs. just a number on a scale or how my clothes are fitting. I definitely have a much better view on working out. I do what feels good vs. the punishing workouts, every day, and the ‘workout until your muscles hurt’ to feel like I’ve accomplished something. I love my body more every day and exactly as I am. I am grateful for my body and my health, and I am confident, I am the healthiest I have been, ever.”


Being in a space of gratitude boosts my self-worth tons.

“The biggest thing that’s worked for me to make peace with food has been acknowledging the things I have to be grateful for. I remember when I started this program that I had so much self-hate and criticism. It hurt so deeply but I thought that was what I needed to inspire me. I learned that I can’t do loving things for myself from a place of hate and pain. That tape that played in my head when I saw photos of myself and saw myself in the mirror said some really mean things and I can’t imagine hearing those voices again because it would be so painful. Being in a space of gratitude makes me more positive and boosts my self-worth tons.”


I am good enough to live a life that I design.

“I have healed the hurt that my little girl faced growing up and now as a woman, I am letting go of limiting beliefs. I am releasing everything that no longer serves me. I am stepping into my true self for this season of my life. I’ve said it so much this past weekend and I will say this again…I will not sit in a rocking chair, many years from now, listing my regrets for my life. NO! I am good enough to live a life that I design. Thank you MK, for coming to me at the perfect time.”