I’m Melissa ­passionate holistic Weight Loss & Lifestyle Empowerment Expert, fitness enthusiast, mindset master and forever fashionista among other things…. I’m here to help you combine fitness + food + mindset + fashion to create a deeply nourishing, empowering lifestyle that helps you lose the weight for good, and feel absolutely fabulous.

Sound good to you? Read on, gorgeous!

I’m on a mission to inspire women of all sizes to break free from yo­yo dieting and deprivation, and love themselves more than ever. Because when that happens – the weight slips off easily, your confidence skyrockets, and a blissed out transformation unfolds all by itself.

I also teach women how to outwardly express how fantastic they feel inside, by reconnecting them with themselves and their personal style in a way that says to the world: “I’m here, I feel amazing, and I’m living beautifully.”

If you’re ready ­ let’s shift your mindset. It’s time to move away from “wanting and dreaming”, and into a place of “having and believing”. No matter what you’re struggling with: excess weight, emotional eating, getting your ideal body, or dressing for your body type – I’m just the girl you’re looking for.

Why? Because I’ve walked this path. I’ve fought this battle. And I’m here to tell you how beautiful and incredible it feels on the other side – the other side that’s waiting for you.


How old were you the first time you believed: “There’s something wrong with my body.” I was 10. I scribbled down in my diary: “I need to lose 10 pounds.” It’s the first memory I have of feeling ugly, and less worthy than my slimmer peers. And it didn’t fade away with age, either. Through my pre­teen and teen years, self­criticism, insecurity, and poor body image spilled into every area of my life.

Every time I didn’t get the part in a school play, or the grade I wanted, or a cute boy didn’t like me, I sunk further back into that unworthy feeling. I blamed it all on my weight. I assumed everyone around me was judging me, and whispering under their breaths about my extra pounds and big thighs.

My insecurities were like a wall, separating me from the best parts of being young: new adventures, romantic relationships, and the pursuit of my dreams. I was stuck staying small.

I nitpicked every part of myself. My butt, my belly, my hips ­ you name it, if it was on my body, I’d find something wrong with it. I wore shorts with my bathing suits, and constantly had sweaters tied around my waist.

So I did what most women do: I looked to the diet industry for help.

I tried the diets. The pills. The magic beans. When those didn’t work, I gave Weight Watchers another whirl after I graduated college, and started my 10­year career in the fashion industry, where appearance was everything.

At the time, protein and healthy fats were high in points. I cut those out to “bank” my points, so I could party with pizza and beer on the weekends. The result? I wreaked absolute havoc on my digestive system.

While doctors tried to prescribe me pills, I intuitively felt there was a better alternative to medication. Thankfully, I listened to my inner guide, and discovered holistic nutrition.

The more I learned about healing myself the natural way ­ the deeper in love I fell. “I can create a lifestyle that’s in­tune with my body, and doesn’t involve dieting? And I’ll naturally heal and look amazing? Where do I sign?” I thought.

My holistic nutrition studies gave me my first ever look at the whole picture ­ the mental, physical, and spiritual reasons for my insecurities, weight struggles, health issues… all of it.

The pounds began to drop. I got compliments from all my friends. I was so happy with the results, I devoted myself to health and fitness, and became a trainer. I thought I had it all figured out… but I wasn’t completely free of my past yet.

As a trainer, I’d see women come into the gym and work their butts off with almost 0 payoff, because they weren’t eating right. They’d stay overweight, or they’d be thin, but not toned, energized, but not glowing. Their clothes didn’t flatter them, and made them look heavy.

One thing was clear: these women weren’t honoring themselves or their bodies.

BUT, it wasn’t from lack of effort or desire. They just didn’t know how to honor themselves. Like me, they’d been raised with a “health” culture overflowing with diets and deprivation. They didn’t know how to lovingly work with their unique bodies & schedules.

Then it hit me: the story these women were living was my story too.

Yes, I looked pretty fit, and put my nutrition school education to use in the kitchen… but I also obsessed over everything I ate, and spent hours a day in the gym.

Inside, my insecure 10­year­old self still ran the show. I still skipped out on dates and fun, and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I’d created another prison around myself ­ a prison based on being “too healthy and restrictive”.

The truth hit me again when I entered a Natural Body Federation competition. To my absolute shock, I won the “Best Body” division. I stood there frozen when they called my name, almost certain I was hallucinating the lights & applause. I didn’t deserve to win. Couldn’t they see all my flaws? There had to be some mistake.

Yes, I walked home with a trophy that day. But within 6 months, I’d gained every pound right back, because I hadn’t healed the root cause of my constant dieting and emotional eating.

See, underneath it all, I still believed I wasn’t enough. I didn’t think I deserved to stay at that weight, and feeling so great. It was all an act, and that unworthy child within me was my true self.

There I was, training people daily, coaching them in nutrition, and preaching all about enjoying the process while I sabotaged myself again.

I was an emotional eater (and what a crappy label that is to give yourself), but on top of that I wasn’t connected to my body. I didn’t understand its natural rhythm, or compassionately connect my cravings to the way I was feeling.

One day, it hit me: the competition had been just another diet,
just another “drop X pounds” food plan.

It gave me permission to work out constantly, count calories, and obsess about my weight. But I refused to let that define me anymore. I was DONE playing small. I was done allowing my weight to be my story and my struggle. I had to get back to ME. So, step by step, I learned to start lovin who I am and honoring my body first.

Eventually, I left my job in fashion to create a one­stop shop for women on the
same road I was, to help them break free from yo­yo dieting, emotional
eating and self­sabotage for good. Which brings us to this moment ­
and you, incredible reader.

It’s time to end the restricting, obsessing, and weight struggle.
But, despite what you’ve heard, you can’t just will the pattern
away. Old habits die hard ­ especially eating habits.

You must look within, to creating a self­loving, nourishing,
pleasurable and fulfilling lifestyle all your own.

The results? Easy, lasting weight loss. Looking dead sexy in that
bikini. But, more importantly, you’ll reconnect with yourself, and
your deepest inner dreams and desires.

This kind of self­understanding took me a decade (and hundreds
of books, programs, and diets) to figure out. But that doesn’t have
to be you. In 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months, I’m here to support
you as you change your life (and transform your body) forever.

It’s time to let go of your story, the story holding you back, and
pave your own path to feeling, looking, and being the amazing
woman you were born to be. So let’s do this.