Welcome to the first episode of the Wholeness podcast with Melissa Kathryn! This podcast has been a part of Melissa Kathryn’s plans for several years now, as she felt the need to share about holistic nutrition, fitness, and how the subconscious mind impacts so many facets of life, most importantly how to create a body and life where you thrive and surpass your own limitations.

However, a little more than 2 years ago, she finally gave in to the little voice inside her head that had been telling her to get her throat checked, and after 2 doctors told her she was perfectly healthy, she received a diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer.

Finding out that she had cancer was a wake-up call that led Melissa Kathryn to explore the impact of intuition and how to tap into the power deep within that was more reliable and trustworthy than anyone or anything else. Not only did this mindset shift result in a realignment of the focus of this podcast, but it provided Melissa Kathryn a new purpose in life: to share with other women the incredible wealth of knowledge that they all have within themselves, that can open up more opportunities with greater clarity than any other source could. And most of all how to align with their truth, the power within themselves to achieve their dreams.

Harnessing the power within transformed Melissa’s life to new heights and deepened her Mindset and Emotional Mastery work and she saw this reflected in her clients results and incredible life-changing success.

She invites her listeners to join her on their journey to Wholeness, their highest selves, which is the dedication of this podcast.  Each week hear from expert, for encouragement, and for practical tips to integrate into their everyday lives to experience the greatness within and feel empowered to take that next step without being able to fully see the path.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The story behind the podcast and why you should make sure to tune in each week
  • How harnessing your intuition can heal your body and forever change your life in the best of ways
  • How Melissa Kathryn’s cancer diagnosis was one of the biggest blessings in her life and how to turn any negative into a positive
  • Developing a strong connection to your intuition
  • Accessing your true potential and power through her holistic approach
  • Why Mindset Mastery is the key to your dreams, and it starts with your body


Key Quotes:

“I believe in looking at all areas of your life.”

“I realized that I was no longer a priority in my life.”

“When you are tuned into your intuitive voice…you are in full alignment with your higher self and innate power.”

“I believe food is medicine.”

“Wholeness is coming back to the truth of who you are before you thought you were less than.”


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