“Where there’s lack you will fill the gaps with X”.  X can be overspending, overeating, binging on TV or social media, over drinking…you name it.  The X is the numbing agent we use to not look at what the driving force of our unhappiness or lack of fulfillment is derived from.

Melissa goes in depth about the process she created called the MK Method, which is the exact method she teaches in her signature program Weight Loss For Life.  Melissa explains that she had to really dive deep in her quest to be done with dieting, free from food, negative self-talk and emotional eating and had to look at the gaps in her own life and belief system within herself.

Since Melissa used food to cope with life and numb out – she knew inside that there was something greater calling her forward, more that she was meant for – this was overwhelming as was her fear of not being enough.

This lack in all of us stems from a place of fear, and from lack that existed in her life.  In turn, spiraling into self-sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors. What felt safe to Melissa at the time, was the discomfort of her comfort zone – (binging, beating herself up and then another diet), and not living up to her potential.

In this powerful episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa guides you through this exact process – a part of her MK Method, and helps you to not only identify your gaps, but she shows you how to fill them and inspires you to step into your Wholeness, your power and emerge the badass that you are!

Melissa reminds us that there are only two human emotions: love and fear.  When operating from love, everything is available. When operating from fear, we live in lack and fill our lives, the gaps with numbing agents that don’t serve us and keep us small.

Melissa urges you to let go of whatever is stopping you from finding your full freedom, by taking control of your story.

Tune in now for incredible clarity,  inspiration and motivation to take aligned action today!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify your gaps/lack and fill them.
  • Identify what your soul is calling you and how to take action toward your fear today
  • Learn how to break your cycles of self-sabotage.


Key Notes:

“Identify your gaps. Where there are gaps, there is lack.  Where there are gaps, there is lack. And you will continue to fill those gaps and that lack with food, overbuying, with overspending, with social media, with patterns of self-sabotage, with negative thinking…and with these patterns and behaviors that aren’t serving you.”

“Lack is driving you to do things that aren’t for your highest good…then you are operating from less than, instead of more than enough.  You’re operating from a place of ‘I can’t’, instead of ‘of course I can!’”

“Love, I’m giving you permission right now.  You are more than enough, exactly as you are.  Worthy and deserving of everything you desire, and so much more.”

“Don’t let the fear-based mind stop you from claiming your innate gifts, your innate and divine rights in this lifetime.”

“You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now, in this very moment; hearing this message for the very reason that it is meant for you.  I am your sign. Go no further, this is what you were meant to hear today.”

“Identify the gap.  Look at the lack. Step forward in faith.  Trust in the fear. Your fear is a compass to your greatness.”



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