This week on the Wholeness Podcast, Melissa dives into inner child work, breaking down 3 simple forms for you to do this work on your own. Healing our inner child, connecting with her and partnering with her in our lives, are one of the most profound aspects of inner work we can do to heal, breakthrough and transcend limiting beliefs, hardships and any unhealed elements in our lives and from our past that are impacting our present.

Melissa Kathryn emphasizes that this is some of the most profound work you can do in terms of your inner healing and understanding the depth of who you are. She shares her background on this topic through her study of psychology and self development, while coaching herself with some of the best of the best in these fields.” She begins by painting a visual from a movie, Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, which sets the stage to explore woundedness, coping mechanisms and relational triggers this holiday season.

Melissa shares the importance of healing from childhood situations that caused us to feel pain and sadness. If not, we will continue to relive those experiences and respond accordingly even as adults. The inner child will show up at different stages and ages during pivotal points of our life which will trigger those core wounding responses. She then explains why and how cultivating a relationship with your inner child will get to the root of negative thinking and repeat patterns.

Melissa challenges you to journal (similarly to channeled writing), meditate or do a chair exercise as healing modalities to provide you with a deeper connection with yourself and to cultivate a relationship with your inner child beyond the subconscious level of the “fight or flight” response. As you do this, she invites you to identify patterns and discover the very first time you began to feel those primary feelings at a young age and were left to your own devices. Through identifying these primary limiting beliefs that are blocking you, understanding the feelings associated with that belief and letting it go, you will become whole and free. She then walks you through how each exercise works.

In conclusion, Melissa explains how unhealed wounding manifests and that as you cultivate this connection while tackling limiting beliefs, you will open up the world to your healing, experience the depths of love in a greater capacity than you’ve ever known, and develop trust in yourself which will be powerful for you. She encourages you to love yourself and give yourself the grace and space needed through this process.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding how childhood woundedness effects adulthood reactions
  • Healing from the root of the primary belief
  • Cultivating a relationship with your inner child through three exercises
  • Identifying repeat patterns and negative thoughts that are triggers

Key Notes:

“The subconscious mind stops forming at age 8, so we are essentially adults operating from childhood beliefs and wounding in present day, unless we take time to connect and heal – we will continue to be triggered.”

“If we don’t heal the childhood scenarios and traumas that have occurred and caused us to shut down and feel pain, we will continue to relive those experiences and respond that way to other people. “

“We all have our own inner child and it’s so important to check in with that part of us because it’s who’s driving our fears, thoughts, and stories.”

“The inner child shows up at different stages and ages and will determine varying pivotal points and beliefs you’ve created in your life.”

“If the core triggers go unaddressed, you will continue to repeat them.”

“As children, when things occur that we did not know how to handle or things that hurt us, caused us to feel unsafe or fear, we didn’t have the capacity nor faculties to put words to them.”

“At that age you do the best you can and form coping mechanisms which can later in life be what’s keeping you feeling stuck – which is why this work is so powerful and important.”

“You can cultivate a relationship with your inner child in a multitude of ways- journaling, meditating or with a chair exercise – all taught in this episode.”

“Just because we think we are safe on a conscious level, does not mean our inner child or nervous system knows it is safe – our subconscious is running the show, not our conscious minds.”

“I must choose to let you go. In order to let you go, I need to understand the root and meet myself where I am now.”

“At this moment, pause. Write down some core limiting beliefs you have. What is the feeling associated with that belief. Do the 5-5-5 breathing exercise. Take pointer finger and middle finger and do tapping exercise. Ask yourself when was the first time you felt that?”

“In this work, you open up the world to your healing and to a greater  capacity of love than you’ve ever known. Then you can transcend negative thinking and embrace deep love on a level you’ve yet to know.”



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