Have you ever felt hopeless – around your body, weight loss and just fed up with the struggle in life in general?

Like everything was going wrong in your life and that everything was wrong with you – especially with your body and your inability to lose weight and keep it off, no matter how hard you tried?

On this special episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa interviews Jen, a recent alumni from her Weight Loss For Life Program, where Jen shares her story of hopeless to being a rockstar at life, with newfound body confidence, weight loss, reignited a spark in her marriage, thriving business and more – what worked for her!

Tune in now to hear the exact steps she took to turn it all around!

Jen, is an amazing woman – you feel the love between she and Melissa and the powerful transformation she had in the last 9 months in every area of her life, starting with her weight.

Jen shares the age-old story of bouncing back and forth from this diet to diet, weight loss plan to weight loss plan to the point of exhaustion, before she tried the 5-day Food Freedom Challenge. During that week, Jen learned for the first time about her hunger levels and what hunger felt like in her body. This concept was so new and groundbreaking for her that she decided to take the leap and sign up for the Weight Loss for Life program.

She expected the program to prescribe a specific diet and exercise plan to follow, just like every other program, but she was pleasantly surprised when she realized that the main focus of Weight Loss for Life, begins with building a relationship with yourself.

Jen had never understood what it meant to love and appreciate herself, to know what her body needed, or to recognize when she was and wasn’t hungry. Melissa’s teaching through the program opened her eyes to her necessity to work on herself holistically, not solely focusing on her weight loss goals.

In fact, even though, that was why she started the program, by the time she was making enough positive changes for people to notice a difference in her appearance, she really had no idea how much weight she had lost because that was no longer the most important thing to her – she was happy and felt WHOLE.

Now, Jen is confident in her own body, she is connecting more with her husband than ever before, she is going through life without judgment, they are able to travel more as a family, and her business has grown more than she expected. She is now so connected to her own body that she knows what she needs and wants and she is aligned with her higher self. She wants every woman out there who is struggling with their weight, that feels helpless or that they are always going to struggle – to know there is another way, a better way, a program that really works. That is was never about her weight and the last thing she or any woman needs is another diet.

Jen encourages you to please know that change is possible and you will not regret your investment in yourself! If you do not invest in Weight Loss For Life, then please, she encourages, find a program that is holistic and gets to the root of the issue – because it’s never about just the weight or food or just exercise. It’s so much more and Melissa knows this, is an expert and teaches it!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Jen’s journey with the Weight Loss for Life program
  • Finding your own voice
  • Making a holistic life change
  • Start with loving yourself and see the incredible results
  • Writing your New Story

Key Notes:

“Immediately the tools that I got opened up my eyes.”

“There were all these things that needed to be healed in me and things I needed to understand about myself. I needed to know myself more.”

“It has helped me in all areas of life, not just this one.”

“My body knows what it needs and I follow it.”

“Fill your life with fun and more of you.”

“You’re robbing yourself of so much time.”

“The ‘all or nothing’ is gone.”

“Learning to know what’s really mine and what belongs to someone else.”

“Learning to use my voice was a big deal.”

“I felt like I was having a brain transplant.”

“I am my biggest cheerleader.”

“You can absolutely change your body, and it doesn’t need to be this big struggle.”

“If you’re signing on with Melissa in any capacity, I guarantee you that you will find your own voice, you’re going to find the body that’s yours that you’re meant to live in, you’re going to find tools that will serve you in every area of life.”


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