The topic of this episode of the Wholeness podcast is the Perfectionist archetype. As someone who identifies herself as a Recovering Perfectionist, Melissa Kathryn reaches down deep to describe what Perfectionists constantly struggle with, how they appear compared to how they feel inside, and the impacts of these behaviors on their identities and ability (or inability) to access their higher self, their ideal weight and the lives they truly want.

It’s important to remember the power of the subconscious mind in your everyday life as well as the deep roots of the beliefs held there from traumas or Traumas in your childhood. If you’re a Perfectionist, feeling like you’ve always had to look put together, that everything should be in its place, that you cannot show any weakness or emotion, that nothing you ever do is good enough, and that no one can ever meet your high expectations, there usually  has been some situation or circumstance in your childhood that cemented those limiting beliefs within you. 

And because of the way the subconscious mind works, you likely never realized or recognized this connection between behaviors and beliefs and how that’s actually been the driver behind sabotaging your happiness and results in life.  The foundation of fear is not serving you well and it’s keeping you from the amazing things that are meant for your life.

In this episode, Melissa guides you through powerful exercises you can do today and provides specific guidance for how to break free and live your best life, on your terms!

Perfectionists can find freedom from the need to struggle by expressing love for their body as well as journaling – specific examples of this are provided. Expressing gratitude for the different areas of the body that would typically seem “not good enough” can help flip the narrative and empower Perfectionists to love themselves and accept that perfection is not possible, but that they are more than enough exactly as they are. 

Since they’re also prone to taking on a lot of responsibilities in a quest to prove their worth, Perfectionists should spend time each morning in solitude to be still and physically release all of the negative thoughts that they have been holding on to. This way, they can approach each new day as a new opportunity to connect with themselves and get grounded.


What You’ll Learn:

  •       How to operate from the identity of who you want to be rather than an identity that doesn’t serve you
  •       Accessing your intuitive guidance
  •       Recognizing barriers in your subconscious mind and their roots in your childhood
  •       Characteristics, core beliefs, and deepest desires of the Perfectionist archetype
  •       Releasing the need to struggle by creating space and being still
  •       Specific action steps to help Perfectionists celebrate themselves every day


Key Notes:

“Actions won’t stick until we change our own identity. And we won’t change our identity from where we are and who we are operating as, instead we must act from who we want to be.” 

“How do we step into the mind, body, career, and power that is in us and believe in the greatness that is there for the taking?”

“Clear intention plus inspired action will result in your desired result.”

“You have beautiful control and get to co-create with God or source or the universe.”

“I believe that God, Source, Universe is everywhere and in everything and everyone.”

“Remind yourself to get back to a place of love. Fear is actually separation from your highest self, love is being in full connection.”

“Take what is relating most to you and see how it applies to your life – that is what is speaking to you and needed for you today.”

“I love myself. I love my body. I am more than enough exactly as I am.”

“Partnering with yourself, having that deep love for you is what will give you alignment with your highest self.”

“Everything you want is possible and it is all happening for you.”

“Release the perfectionist within, get in touch with your heart’s desire, and hear the intuitive guidance within yourself to move into inspired action.”



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