In this episode, Melissa Kathryn welcomes the new decade, 2020, and the opportunity to create who we want to be. She opens by sharing one of her dad’s thoughts about how to have power when you speak followed by a trend she’s noticing to run from 2019. She shares a personal story of hardship in 2019 and underscores that we must take 2019’s lessons with us into the new year including tips on how to make 2020 an epic year.

First, Melissa encourages listeners to give themselves the grace, compassion, love and honor of all you went through in 2019. She highlights that you must break out of your old mold which includes embracing every aspect of yourself and involves “shadow work.” Be excited that you did the best you could with 2019, and if not, be honest with yourself about where you could have done more.

Melissa then asks listeners to examine what kind of growth they would like in 2020 and to narrow it down to two words. She gives an example of her own words, “generosity” and “expression.” By generosity, she means generous in time, spirit, listening and more. She wants to make an impact with that generous spirit, pass it on and for you to pass it on. By expression, she means to look inside herself and not see the impact she wants to make as an obligation but rather an absolute gift and honor.

Next, Melissa challenges listeners to think of where they want to be a year from now and break it down into every area of their life – spiritually, relationships, career, creativity, body/health/fitness, home, financial, etc. What are the biggest pieces and what do you want for yourself? Stretch yourself and take realism out of the equation. Write down your goals and then stretch your goals. Then, take the action steps to get you to the stretch goal. Begin by writing an “I am, I have” story and then, record it on the voice memo on your phone. Listen to it in the morning and at night in order to re-pattern your mind and plant the seeds.

In conclusion, Melissa recaps the invitation for stepping into wholeness in 2020 and what that means. She’d love to hear your personal theme words and will personally respond. In addition, she’d be grateful if you’d share the podcast and would also love a five star review. Happy 2020!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identifying one to two words that will be your them for the new year
  • Stepping into wholeness is freedom and abundance on the other side of struggle
  • Clear intention + Inspired action will yield your desired result
  • Recognizing the importance of not playing small but going big
  • Diagramming each area of your life in a pie including goals and stretch goals for each area that you’d like to be completed one year from now

Key Notes:

“The best part of being a human is we get to create at any given time who we want to be, what we want to let go off, how we want to show up, what we want to believe, what we want to start to create.”

“Be a yes to life, and life will be a yes to you.”

“In order to break out of our old mold, we have to embrace every aspect of ourselves.“

“I do not want to be stagnant in any way, and if I’m not stretching myself, then I’m playing really small.”

“What are one or two words that you want to bring into 2020 that are going to be the themes for your year?”

“It’s not to a point where you’ve over extended yourself and are depleted, but you are honoring yourself.”

“In order to get where you want to be, you have to look at all areas of your life that either detract or add to what you can currently do in your life.”

“Where do you want to be a year from now? Break down every area of your life.”

“Dreams = fulfilled in this lifetime! No more people dying with their dreams still inside them.”

“Now is the time to seize the dreams you have inside of you.”

“Let’s stop putting off what we want to experience for some day, in hopes that we get discovered or that somebody else will do it for us. No! We must do it ourselves.”

“If you spent this past year not pushing yourself past your comfort zone, invest in something that takes you somewhere.”

“Accountability and support is key. Choose it for yourself. Get out of isolation. That’s your ego because it doesn’t want you to grow away from it.”

“If you are overeating, overNetflixing, overFacebooking, the glass of wine every night…it’s time to stop playing small. You are called to greatness.”

“We are being called to step up…to no longer be in strive and struggle.”

“It’s time to go big. Going big doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. It’s not exhausting if you’re excited, if you’re having a blast. It’s exhausting if you’re forcing something.”

“Clear intention + Inspired action will yield your desired result.”

“Clear intention flows when something is lit up inside of you and you can’t wait to share it.”

“Your sole goal is to be happy each day and to be in your joy and bliss and happiness.”

“Recognize where you want to run from 2019, and embrace 2019, because where you want to run from 2019 is the exact part of you that wants to run from pieces of you….step into wholeness.”

“This is the invitation for 2020: It is meant for you. Step into wholeness. Embrace all of you. Have a blast.”

“It is not our darkness we fear. It is the power of our own light.”

“It’s on the other side of any struggle…It’s called freedom, abundance…effortlessness, all the things you desire.”


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