In this moving episode of the Wholeness Podcast, you hear an inspiring story of how one of Melissa’s clients and dear friends, Cherie, overcame a life-long struggle with anxiety, emotional eating and depression, to now be thriving, free from medication and emotional eating, with a renewed purpose in her career and passion for her life!

As a mother, grandmother and entrepreneur, Cherie has always been the nurturer, fixer and caretaker, often at a detriment to herself.

Hear how, her saying YES to herself, by joining Melissa Weight Loss For Life Program, led to her freedom, a new identity, renewed lease on life, love for herself and so much more!

If you’ve been struggling with an illness, a diagnosis or identity that isn’t serving you, tune in today, to hear the steps that Cherie took to change it all, after trying everything!

Before Cherie started working with Melissa through Weight Loss for Life, she struggled with crippling anxiety and an unhealthy relationship with food, which left her always searching for the next best way to lose weight.

Emotional eating was something she started doing early in her childhood to deal with difficult situations at home, but she didn’t think there was anything she could do to change it, nothing was working.

Additionally, anxiety had become her security blanket throughout her life, shielding her from emotions, which made her feel unsafe – or so her mind had led her to believe.

Cherie knew that Weight Loss for Life would be different when Melissa called her to get her started on the program and kept in touch with her all along the way. Once she got into the program, she realized that the first step before any external changes could occur was to work on her own mindset, healing internally the things that had been broken and hidden from everyone – even herself – for so long. She learned to love herself, to trust herself, to speak her truth, and to get grounded every morning through a morning practice. Before long, she felt like a brand new version of herself, which was really just the authentic version that had been inside all along.

Now, Cherie gets to wake up every morning truly loving herself, having a fantastic relationship with her husband, enjoying food in moderation without feeling guilty, and being able to express the wide range of her emotions without fear of what people will think of her. Everyone around her has noticed a drastic change. Now Cherie is working on her certification to become a life coach because she wants to help other people find what she has found. She wants others to become alright with taking up space and being seen because she knows first-hand what it is like to beat herself down and struggle without this recognition.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The process to quickly experience and express emotions to heal and move on
  • How to trust yourself and your body’s guidance
  • Cherie’s key takeaways from the Weight Loss for Life program
  • How Cherie experienced internal healing that changed her life
  • Enjoying family and food, rather than feeling guilty or anxious by your actions

Key Notes:

“I am in awe of this woman. She inspires me, motivates me, and has been such an absolute blessing in my life and such a gift to our WL4L community.”

“Anxiety used to be my security blanket. I can now feel it and let it go, thanking it for serving its purpose.”

“Melissa helped me to figure out that I don’t need medication to feel whole or healed and how to give this to myself in the moment I would normally reach for medication.”

“Food was a comfort for me. It made me feel safe, heavy, grounded.”

“I have a morning affirmation where I get grounded and I set my intention.”

“You don’t need to be perfect because there is no such thing.

“ I chose Weight Loss For Life, because I needed something different, and this was different than anything I’d done.”

“Once I loved me, everyone else loved me so much more.”

“I will never stop learning and growing and doing.”



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