In this week’s episode of the Wholeness Podcast, Melissa, takes episode 21, a step further, to support her listeners in their own healing, sharing what has worked for herself and her clients.

Melissa is excited to share the things she’s worked through in her own life as a means to help women struggling with the same conditions including thyroid disease, asthma, cancer, sibo, gastrointestinal issues, IBS, autoimmune disease and more.

Tune in to listen to the steps Melissa took and has used to support her clients in shifting their health and supported them in their healing journey.

First, she explores the identity we have with illness. As women, we tend to take on identities and then build the story around them. Women also tend to put themselves last on their priority list, which makes it impossible to identify symptoms, as they start to view their symptoms as their “new normal”. Melissa encourages listeners to notice the identity in a non-self sabotaging way through three simple steps.

In the journey to wholeness, Melissa compares the difference between self rejection, self sabotage, deprivation and fear, which leads to shame and isolation, versus loving yourself, which leads to freedom and a supply of joy.

Her goal is for listeners to be in a space where you are whole and healed through the simple three step process of identifying where you are limiting yourself, discovering where you began to give up and learning to check in with yourself on a regular basis.

In conclusion, Melissa invites listeners to begin this work now, wherever you may find yourself and to please share it to support anyone who is currently suffering and feeling stuck.

Ask yourself such questions as:

  1. How do I identify with this “illness?”
  2. What stories have I created around my healing, life and what I deserve?
  3. If I were healthy right now and healed, what would I be doing differently?
  4. How much focus each day am I placing on healing this, finding a cure or on the fact that I have “x” going on?

From these 4 questions, the listener will be able to see the disconnect in their healing, and what is causing even more pain in their day to day experience as they live in this identity.

As you hear in the podcast, Melissa then takes you through this 3-Part process:

  1. Where are you limiting yourself? Where are you cutting off your own supply of joy? Are you ready to be free?
  2. Do you believe you are a miracle? If not, why? What part of you has let go of that or not believed it to begin with?
  3. Check in with your body. Do the three part breath work.

Through this, the clarity and awareness will begin your healing. Each day, do this process.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identifying the definition you give to suffering and the story with which you surround it
  • Understanding how the body works to protect itself and how you can free patterns that aren’t serving you well
  • Shifting thought patterns from being a victim to being a victor
  • Learning the importance of loving yourself vs. living in fear
  • Living as a whole and healed person

Key Notes:

“Men are single focused. Women are able to mult-itask.”

“As women, we take on identities and then build the story around them.”

“Women are extremely high functioning and tend to put themselves at the bottom of their priority list.”

“You can’t identify your symptoms when you are in a high stress environment because that becomes your new normal.”

“Your body is high functioning and is meant to heal on its own.”

“Are you identifying with somebody that is healed or unhealed? A victim to the circumstance or a victor who has overcome it?”

“Focus on the things you can control. Notice what your identity is.”

“Where you put your focus, your energy goes and grows.”

“The more you put your focus and energy on what isn’t working, on desperation, the fact that you’re broken, on being a victim of your circumstance, you’re pushing the healing further away.”

“If you’re identifying as being sick over and over again, you are pushing your healing away.”

“The mind is set up to keep you safe. Not to hurt you. The pain you experienced at a moment was too great to bear so it created anxiety to protect you.”

“What if your anxiety is a gift that allows you to have an escape?”

“In what ways can we no longer identify with being broken?”

“It’s not about making yourself wrong or rejecting you anymore. It’s about loving you.”

“It’s in the rejection of self that we continue to live into our identity’s limiting beliefs, disorders, illnesses and other things active in our lives that aren’t serving us. It perpetuates the symptoms.”

“What is the story you have with whatever you are struggling or suffering from? What is the identity or meaning you have given to it? How is that detracting from the joy in your life? I guarantee you it is causing you to live in more pain, less fun, less joy, more deprivation, more restriction yet more rebellion, self sabotage and resentment.”

“1. Where are you limiting yourself? Where are you cutting off your own supply of joy? Are you ready to be free?

“2. Do you believe you are a miracle? If not, why? What part of you has let go of that or not believed it to begin with?”

“3. Check in with your body. Do the three part breath work.”

“The more we forgive, the more we find peace and higher levels of joy.”

“Your body is a temple. It is a compass for healing.”

“Wholeness is coming back to the truth of who you are before you thought you were less than.”

“Illnesses and disorders give us a pass, give us an out. They can help break us free or they give us an out.”

“When something has been in us awhile, it is our identity and becomes our scapegoat.”

“What part of you has allowed this experience with yourself to become ingrained as another form of self sabotage?”

“Where am I tied to this story as it being a part of my story. What am I getting out of it being part of my story?”

“Fear is what breeds all disease and illness.”

“There are two human emotions: love and fear.”

“When we live in a fear space, it is filled with self-rejection, doubt, worry, anxiousness, sadness.”

“Be in the space where you are whole. You are healed.”



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