“The #1 way to combat overwhelm is to be in action.” – MK

“Overwhelm keeps you disconnected, keeps you playing small and keeps you doubting yourself.”

“Get out of overwhelm by taking immediate action. Get out of your head and get into your body. Go back to your breath.”

In this episode, Melissa Kathryn dives straight into how to overcome overwhelm. After noticing a consistent theme in her community and among her clients, Melissa feels it important to address this topic collectively for women so they can get out of their own way and into inspired action.

If you find yourself never having enough time and paralyzed with your endless list of “To Do’s” which inevitably leads to self sabotage, Melissa shares how to get out of this state and break the pattern for good.

The most successful way to combat overwhelm is to step into action. If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiousness, fear or worry, self-doubt, stress and feeling ungrounded, Melissa encourages you to stop what you are doing immediately. Pause, and take a deep, deep breathe, placing one hand on your heart and one of your belly to get out of your head and connect back into your body.

Melissa breaks down what the state of overwhelm is, why it is your body’s response and symptomatic pattern to deal with life. She encourages listeners where to begin taking action, how to simplify their list of To Do’s, manage their priorities along with their expectations of themselves.

In conclusion, Melissa emphasizes that recognizing patterns of overwhelm and breaking the cycle will result in freedom from limited, small thinking that sells oneself short. She challenges listeners to be expectant of the best and to be decisive with every decision that is presented. The end result?

“Clear intention + Inspired action will yield desired result.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identifying overwhelm and breaking the patterns that cause it
  • Understanding the importance of taking action and where to start
  • Freeing yourself from limited beliefs and thinking small
  • Empowering yourself to make decisions and the changes needed in your response to life
  • Connecting to your higher self for guidance and calming resolution from your overwhelm

Key Notes:

“The #1 to combat overwhelm is to be in action.”

“With women in particular…we’re in our heads a lot. When you’re in your head, where are you not? Not connected and dropped in your body.”

“Do you find that you spend hours creating a plan but not actually doing it? Do you overanalyze everything? Do you find that often throughout your days, you are limited with time and your to do list is endless? Is your to do list endless and carries over into the next day?”

“If you notice there’s often an anxious energy, a pit in your stomach, a tightness in your chest and you’re always being pulled out because there’s so many things to do at any given time that it’s hard to focus…first and foremost, drop your shoulders down from your ears and breathe. Take deep breaths. Calm and relax.”

“We have to start doing a coping mechanism called pattern interruption in the way we speak to ourselves because it’s on a loop.”

“One action step will propel your energy forward and get you out of the self sabotaging loop you are currently stuck in.”

“Overwhelm is a state you created just like stress. It’s a way of coping with life. It’s a delay tactic to keep you in a form of procrastination.”

“Do you trust your decisions? If you struggle with overwhelm and indecisions, you have anxiety and stress right there.”

“If things scare you, your mind is set up to keep you safe. Overwhelm is a way to distract you from taking action. It’s a story you tell yourself.”

“There are more than three things you can do powerfully and successfully every day.”

“If there’s a dire emergency and you could only get three things done to move your life forward, what would they be? Those are the three things you should do.”

“You’ll find that the most important things are the things you’re not doing. Instead you’re doing all the little things before that don’t give you time to do the big things that matter.”

“Overwhelm keeps you disconnected, keeps you playing small and keeps you doubting yourself.”

“Get out of overwhelm by taking immediate action. Get out of your head and get into your body. Go back to your breath.”

“If you’re a person who operates in overwhelm, you probably ask how much things are.”

“Limited thinking is small thinking.”

“We want to be expectant of the best (not struggle)…not cut ourselves off with our words.”

“Procrastination makes us feel bad about ourselves. When we feel bad, we do bad things.”

“When you think positive thoughts, you do positive things.”

“When you are overwhelmed, you are disconnected, in a state of anxiety and operating in fear.”

“You didn’t create this because you wanted to make your life hard. You created this because, probably at some point, a lot was thrown at you and you weren’t able to make sense of it as quickly as was needed. The nervous system overrides it and goes into a state of panic. It’s stored memory at a cellular level.”

“Whatever your coping mechanism is with overwhelm, you will go straight into that. There are patterns.”

“When you break this pattern, it will feel uncomfortable.”

“I challenge you to notice when you’re in your head, overanalyzing yourself and wanting to make yourself wrong. Declare for the next 7 days that you will make decisions the minute they come to you.”

“You get to choose. Everything can be course corrected. There is never a wrong decision unless you make it wrong because we can always learn from the decisions we make.”

“What we can’t get back are the endless hours, days or weeks of anxiety where we were not present and missed out on what was in front of us because we can’t move forward.”

“1. Take immediate action. 2. Notice yourself. 3. Take immediate action or get into breath. Do the thing that takes the most time first.”

“Clear intention + Inspired action will yield desired result.”



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