It’s never too late to get the body of your dreams & heal your relationship with food.  It’s never too late to change, to become who you’re meant to be.

Melissa passionately shares about this in her own experience of aging backwards. Today she brings you a special guest, who is a beautiful example and testament to this, and what Melissa teaches in her Weight Loss For Life Program, now called Love Your Body Lose The Weight.

This episode  is dedicated to all women, who have the misguided belief that they are too old to get the body, too old to change or start over, or go for their dreams.

Melissa spotlights Roxanne from her Weight Loss for Life community,  sharing that Roxanne is on “the other side” of the food/weight loss journey. Roxanne discusses her journey, which began as a chronic dieter for a large part of her life leading to now which involves loving herself and seeing food as a means to take care of her body, the temple.

Melissa explores with Roxanne how her weight loss journey led her to have immense  joy in her daily life and be the inspiration and example for her children and their children.

Roxanne shares her old identity with food and relationships vs. her identity now- she now knows her worth, doesn’t see people as higher than her and speaks up for herself with confidence and in love. In addition, she found the Weight Loss for Life community to be full of beautiful ladies and wonderful support.

In conclusion, Melissa and Roxanne encourage you that you, too, are worth it and invite you to become part of this meaningful community of support, accountability and success. As a result, you will break free from the normal weight loss molds and experience freedom that you have never experienced.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What it means to get to the other side of this weight loss journey
  • The 4 Cs of lasting weight loss
  • Practical tips from Weight Loss for Life that lead to success

Key Notes:

“When we don’t use our voice, we want to numb out because it feels so bad. ”

“To get to the other side, there has to be a greater belief that life isn’t all contingent on you.”

“The world you’re living in doesn’t change, you change and the experience of it is completely different.”

“The more your life is full, the less you want the food.”

“Food is fuel. Get the food in and move on.”

“It’s about food not being the primary focus.”

“4 Cs of Weight Loss for Life for lasting weight loss: Connection, Compassion, Consistency and Commitment.”

“The gift of being connected to your body is priceless.”

“Recognize where you’re wanting to overcomplicate things and keep it simple.”



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