In this episode, Melissa Kathryn talks about diets, restriction, deprivation and what slim, fit women do that you don’t know about to keep their bodies tight and toned.

Melissa is busting the myths of the dieting industry, providing practical tips to help you love your body now, no matter whatever shape it is and why this is one of the most powerful things you can do to fully heal and release weight without struggle.

Melissa shares from her own weight loss journey as well as client testimonials speaking to this very process, what she’s done and advises her clients to do that works and it has nothing to do with restriction of any kind.

She underscores weight loss is actually easy and unveils why our minds are what makes it harder than it needs to be. The practical tips she provides are valuable nuggets that will help you start wherever you are.

In conclusion, Melissa encourages you to begin by recognizing your patterns and beliefs, listen to what your body is telling you and love yourself all along the way. She emphasizes that forgiveness and love is essential to a successful weight loss journey.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify the energy and stories you’ve created around your body and your ability to lose weight so you can shift it
  • Recognize the limitations that you are putting upon yourself and how to course correct
  • Hear practical tips to get you started now from where your body is now
  • Bust dieting myths that are keeping you stuck in self-sabotage and a limited mindset

Key Notes:

“If you watch a slim, fit woman eat, she will typically eat slowly, take her time, have conversation, take sips of water, maybe eat 10 fries and split her burger with someone. ”

“There’s a lot of victim energy caught up in the dieting industry.”

“Look at accountability for self and self development…in context of weight loss, who are you pointing your finger at and how are you wronging your body?”

“You didn’t put the weight on overnight.”

“Are you doing everything in your power to lose the weight?”

“Weight loss is really easy- eat less, move more.”

“Before looking at your hormone panel, do everything in your power for two weeks to a month and then see if your body has changed.”

“Weight loss isn’t hard. What’s hard is living in limitation and judging yourself everyday.”

“You create limitations on yourself and your words create your experience.”

“The change happens in the doing.”

“Write down:

  1. Am I a victim? (“It’s my hormones, metabolism, age. I don’t have time. I don’t like to cook.”)”

“Notice your excuses because that is you being a victim.”

“It’s through your connection to your body that you lose weight.”

“We have to speak to the mind and to the body.”

“Notice the stories you have around other women and what they eat.”

“Your body will guide you to your ideal weight. You’re eating just because.”

“You can’t go from the way you’ve been eating to eating clean seven days a week.”

“You have to do what works with your lifestyle and what’s right for your body.”

“You will not do something if you feel like you have to stick to it.”

“Meet yourself where you are.”

“Food is 90% of the game.”

“The later we eat, the harder it is on our bodies.”

“Notice the eating habits, patterns and beliefs you have around your weight.”

“Recognize if you connect to the victim mentality. Forgiveness needs to happen there.”



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