In this episode, Melissa Kathryn makes it clear, we all have trauma in some form.  And the lack of addressing it is doing way more harm than good. We can’t keep brushing areas of our lives and ourselves we fear, under the carpet, out of fear we won’t like what we find or who we are.  In fact, Melissa shares the immense damage being done by not giving yourself the grace, love and time to know all facets of yourself. And to this point, that this lack of knowing and accepting oneself and understanding how life events impacts us on a deep, cellular level, is one of the main reasons why, as women we continue to self-sabotage.

Melissa talks about trauma being stored in the body including sexual trauma and how it correlates to struggles with weight. She explores the different types of trauma and how they get stored in the body, the purpose they have,  followed by an exercise to release it.

Melissa also shares personal testimony from her own life, and experiences she’s encountered while working with clients over the past decade, whom have had trauma and the damage that was being done from them not having understood the impact it was making on them, their health and well being by not acknowledging it as such nore understanding how to heal and relate to the traumatic experiences in their lives.  The discounting of such event causes these experiences to manifest in forms of illness, disordered eating, lack of beliefs in oneself and a deep seated belief that in some way, you are broken or “not enough”.

Melissa is extremely passionate about this topic, encouraging listeners to identify patterns and to take time to experience healing from core wounds to eradicate any further sadness or dis-ease in the body.

By doing this work and making changes, she highlights that you will gain a beautiful and powerful connection with your body, develop trust, remove fear and be free.

As always, Melissa recognizes this truth may be hard to hear and emphasizes it isn’t a means to wrong you. Rather, it’s a means to help you get started with a life that doesn’t play small with limiting beliefs. Her desire is for you to experience wholeness and freedom.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Identify different types of trauma with a clear understanding of trauma and examples to relate to in your own life.
  • Discover why trauma gets locked in the body and the impact it makes and how to shift this.
  • Learn an exercise to identify where the trauma is stored in your body in order to release it.

Key Notes:

“Trauma doesn’t mean you have to have had a traumatic, heavy experience.”

“There is big “T” trauma and little “t” trauma.”

“Big “T” is rape, traumatic loss, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, a horrific accident.”

“A trigger is an emotional response in the body to something that happens.”

“Fear is stored in the body so anytime there is a lack of trust, you are going to put it on anyone who has the capacity to hurt you.”

“We are adults operating in an eight year old body and operating from core wounds.”

“If you didn’t feel safe in your formative years, there will be a lack of trust and safety in being happy and having good things happen.”

“Unless we address what is going on internally, we will continue to sabotage.”

“Invest in your wholeness, not your brokenness.”

“Trauma can be witnessing your parents fighting, having a parent leave, being told you’re fat, feeling like you aren’t enough, being dismissed.”

“Feeling like there is something wrong with you is a little “t” trauma.”

“When we stop trusting ourselves and lose connection with ourselves, our body and mind become disassociated.”

“Until we shift the relationship with ourselves and understand how things are repeating over and over again with our bodies, we’ll never be free.”

“What’s not fun is playing small in life and always responding to triggers and lashing out to those other people or turning to food, drinking, social media to numb out.”

“The reason we struggle so much…is because we have a fear of getting the thing we want.”

“It’s not going to change if you don’t do the work for it to change.”

“We have a human desire to feel certain and know what’s to come.”

“Self worth ties to net worth.”

“First, identify the traumas. Write them down.”

“Then, notice where you feel that memory in your body.”



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