In continued support during COVID 19, Melissa stresses the importance of taking care of your “environment” i.e. your home, head, mind, body and spirit.  She explains that now more than ever, things that are working in your life are being illuminated and things that haven’t been working or unhealed wounds are being triggered and illuminated as well, and now is the opportunity to heal them and clear them. She is here to guide and support you in this being an amazing and enjoyable journey of self-discovery and coming back to Wholeness.

Another way she has found to support you is through guided meditations and she has another one here for you today.

But first, Melissa encourages listeners about their mindset during this time in the world. She underscores that you get to choose your experience, and we are being called to what matters most in life: human connection. She walks listeners  through practical ways to reframe their thinking in order to be victors instead of victims.

There are two paths you can choose, one is based on fear and the other is based on love.  One will place you as the victim and the other as the victor of your circumstance. You have the option and right now, the paths are very clear and she helps you to identify which one you have been following and what changes you can make.

After encouraging listeners, Melissa shares some tried and true reading recommendations from her own bookshelf for others to enjoy while spending time at home. She then guides a meditation to help calm the body and relax the mind.

Today’s guided meditation is to help you release fear and choose love, grounding you and relaxing you, to de-stress and honor all you feel and your inner most desires, bringing them close to your heart and seeing them as yours.

While Melissa understands the effect of the virus all around us, her passion is for you to wade these waters via connection with your body rather than your mind.  As always, feel free to share your questions and please share this episode with your episodes in order to help as many people as possible right now. It is important for us to help one another!

What You’ll Learn:

  •  How your mindset will determine your experience
  • How to release victim energy and become the victor over your circumstance
  • How to transcend all limitations
  • How to use this time to clear and heal to become renewed


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Key Points:

“You get to choose your experience right now. If you notice you’re experiencing something, you get to shift out of it.”

“We are called to release the things that aren’t working and step into the things we’ve been avoiding for so long?”

“You cannot outhink your mind out of a negative space. Your mind is set up to survive. You have to transcend that.”

“We are being called back to what matters most in life. Love. Family. Human connection.”

“What you can control is your own state and this is very day to  make it a good day.”

“Quiet the limited thinking.”

“Start with, “I’m so grateful that…’”

“Stop making yourself wrong. Be here now. You aren’t going to have the answers.”

“We are all being caused to pause and be still.”

“Notice your pattern of chaotic thinking. This is a pattern you get to transcend in this moment.”

“Notice when you are going to a space that doesn’t feel good.”

“You are enough now. You do not have to do other things to become worthy.”

“When we think bad feeling thoughts, they lead to doing bad things.”

“In life you can choose either to be the victim or the victor. Which do you choose to be?”

“You can either go down a path of fear or love.”

“If you keep bringing your past into your present, it will impact your future.”


Recommended Reading:

Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky

Change Me Prayers by Tasha Silver



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To support you even further, Melissa is offering for a limited time the chance for you to get a support coaching session with her. 

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