In this episode, Melissa talks about the link between our emotional state and our tendencies with overeating. It is a fact that most women who have dieted most of their lives, no longer trust their food choices or their bodies, fully disconnected from awareness around their true hunger patterns.

Turning to food for comfort and emotional support is a coping mechanism for life and soothing ourselves, that was created from pre-programming or in childhood, and is now being highlighted due to being quarantined and COVID 19.

Melissa shares the reasons why your body is always willing to corroborate with eating right and choosing clean, healthy foods to nourish yourself for a certain dieting period, explaining it’s your mind that needs to believe you’re worthy of the best body in order to treat it and feed it as such.

She gives you four questions that you can write down to ask yourself to evaluate your true state of hunger and emotional wellbeing.

An exercise from Mellissa: You’re going to track your hunger. Sit and write what your hunger is- on a scale of 1-10 write what not being hungry tends to be like. Notice your eating patterns and the time of day that you’re weakest to food.

Listen to the full episode,  to learn how to use this quarantine time to your advantage as you put yourself first before everybody else.

You will also learn the right amount of food you need for your specific body to be consuming without overindulging.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why most women that have dieted don’t know when they’re hungry and how turning to food have become a habit only being highlighted now. 
  • We use food as a coping mechanism from things that are going on in life. 
  • Start a food journal- track your eating habits in the next 2 weeks and recognize times of the day when you’re conditioned to eat.
  • Why you don’t need more willpower or discipline and what you need instead.
  • Melissa explains the in-depth consequences of dieting for a long time. 
  • Why positive thoughts equal positive actions that bring positive results to move forward and succeed.
  • Why most dieters are not connected to their bodies. 
  • The art of eating what you want when you want without overindulging.
  • How our relationship with food stems from conditioning from our formative years- the emotional attachment we have with food. 
  • The big T trauma and small T trauma that helps you form a negative belief system about yourself. These are things that trigger emotional stress when you think of them and drive you towards food.
  • Melissa describes the amount of food your stomach needs.
  • Is your worth tied to your weight? Why you need to believe you’re deserving of a good body to have it. 
  • Four questions you should write down and ask yourself for an emotional gauge and a reconnection with your body. 
  • Overconsumption of food numbs you and disconnects you from hearing your intuitive guide.

Key Points

“Any unhealed trauma, wounds, triggers or aspects of ourselves that we haven’t wanted to look at before are being illuminated now more than ever because it’s our opportunity to transcend them and let them go”- Melissa Kathryn

“If you’ve been dieting most of your life you aren’t connected to your body you’re driving your result based off of your mind”- Melissa Kathryn

“Use this time to make yourself a priority for the first time since you put everything and everybody else’s needs ahead of you”- Melissa Kathryn



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