In this episode of the Wholeness podcast, you’re going to be guided on how to connect to your body, to what foods work for you and what foods work against you.  Melissa goes in depth, sharing top tips for slimming foods that beautify you from the inside out and help you to age backwards.

Optimal health and taking care of yourself is a gift.  It gives a woman a powerful feeling of inner strength and pride.  This is something we all have at our fingertips and Melissa wants to highlight this and make it as simple for you to embody what she is teaching here today with this episode.

Melissa takes time to provide endless tips you can action immediately during this time from the mindset hacks to ways to move your body to tighten and tone you at any age and shift your weight dramatically.

This episode is focused on offering continued support during COVID 19.  Mainly, how to cultivate optimal health, healing and happiness within yourself to offset any anxiety, overeating or fears one may be experiencing.

Melissa is committed to helping restore women back to wholeness, the truth of who they are before they ever thought they were less than due to a trauma, number on the scale or limiting beliefs they have.

She shares some tried and true recommendations from her weight loss program including  the science behind each practical application. Melissa helps listeners understand why each application works and how it serves your body. She also focuses on mindset emphasizing that you are worth this and encouraging you to recognize limiting beliefs or negative messages you may be telling yourself.

Melissa encourages listeners that you can not fail. You can only go up from here! You are worth this and you will discover love while developing deeper connections. Your job is to show up and SHINE!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Foods that slim you and help you age backwards
  • #1 Secret that slim people do no matter what
  • Exercises to keep you young and your body tights
  • 3-Must Do habits to slim down and feel sexy at any weight and age

Key Points

“Notice the voice in your head that might condemn you or find fault within you.”

“You’re going to resist the thing that transcends your soul the fastest.”

“If you can control your environment, you can protect yourself from getting hurt.”

“You can’t fail. You can only go up from here.”

“Notice the things you’ve had resistance to in the past.”

“There is a misconception around the amount of calories we consume and burn.”

“If you are not burning the amount of food you intake, your body stores it at fat to use at a later date.”

“Everything we put in our body should have a purpose. It can make you beautiful from the inside out.”

“Know where the food came from.”

“Start to notice the back of foods you are eating. If you can’t identify the ingredients, stay away from it.”

“Stay away from sugar being in the top five ingredients.”

“The average woman can only process 35 grams of sugar.”

“Collagen is a vital protein.”

“Recognize your desire to eat more because you want to feel something.”

“Our body naturally detoxifies all night.”

“Coconut oil is known to give energy to the body and help release toxins.”

“Grapefruit is known to cut fat.”

“Healthy fats are essential to helping you age backwards.”

“When you are having cravings, there is generally a lack of fats or protein in your body.”

“The #1 secret people slim people do no matter what: They honor their hunger.”

“Your body is telling you to release the weight. Are you really listening?”

“Walking is the number one exercise to tighten and tone your body.”

“Pilates is a great way to tighten and tone your body.”

“Lifting heavy weights is the #1 way to age backwards. You will not bulk. It is what will actually transform and reform your body.”

“Make age a number. Choose the age you want to be and harness that.”

“Notice the stories you tell yourself around your age.”

“Sexy is an essence.”

“Sleep. Go to bed!”

“Manage your mind. Notice the judgment surrounding yourself and shift that.”

“You need to move your body. If not, you are doing it a disservice.”

“The way you dress…you are your own advertisement.”

“What is stopping you from being a yes to you?”



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