You are in for a treat In this episode of the Wholeness Podcast!

Melissa gives you the full rundown on sugar, things you may know and many you will be shocked to learn, such as where it’s hidden, what you are actually eating when you order in or eat out, how sugar is used and stored in the body and how much we as women can actually digest in a given day only 36 grams, that’s a medium size apple (clearly not very much and the rest is stored as fat).

Melissa really wanted to do this episode to educate her listeners on the truth about sugar and how even too much “healthy” sugar can become unhealthy and wreak havoc on the body.

She begins by discussing the importance of knowing what you put into your body. Successful weight loss doesn’t come from a crazy cleanse or fad diet. It’s the result of being in tune with what you eat, while allowing your body to do what it’s created to do, which is heal, eliminate and detoxify on it’s own.

Our body is set-up to naturally detoxify itself and eliminate waste. If you consume food in its natural state and through making your own meals, you can identify what doesn’t feel good and make a change, versus consuming foods in restaurants or in bags and boxes filled with chemicals.

An overconsumption of sugar can lead to many different problems, including adult acne, autoimmune disease, bloating, brain fog and fatigue.

Unfortunately, sugar is present in more foods than we think, and the FDA and many giant well-known companies such as Nabisco and Kraft intentionally add larger quantities of sugar disguised behind varying ingredient terms to increase addiction and drive sales, with Marketing terms such as “all-natural”, “whole grains” or “zero sugar” to bait the consumer.

Restaurants often use sugar in ways that are not listed on their menus adding it in and on top of foods that Melissa discusses in detail in today’s episode.

Sadly, many women think they’re being healthy and choosing “healthy” options for their families, when they’re not – not at a fault of them, but again marketing and food companies.

An example, when it comes to weight loss, a sauce or spice added to a dish can easily be a sugar-trap, which becomes a high calorie item quickly.  Melissa gives many specific examples in today’s episode.

Even ‘healthy’ foods such as protein bars can be high in sugar and carbs such as Lara Bars. While each person has a different level of calorie expenditure based on their daily calorie expenditure and size, it’s easy to think that a healthy diet and exercise are enough.

However, when we don’t listen to our bodies, we fall into the ‘dieter’s false mindset’ around our exercise and the actual amount of calories we’ve burned, often leaving women to overindulge and be frustrated at their lack of weight loss results.

Be aware of your body, and make food choices based off of the benefits you receive nutritionally, not just your desire. Start your day with a high-protein diet as opposed to cereal, sugar-filled juices or coffee drinks, bagels or pastries, and you will begin to feel better and find success.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to listen to what your body is telling you about food.
  • Why clean eating is essential to making a positive change and understanding what foods are hurting you or healing you.
  • The danger that sugar presents to both your physical and mental health.
  • How restaurants and manufacturers use FDA-approved ‘hidden’ sugars to increase addictive qualities.
  • Why the ‘dieter’s false mindset’ leads to overconsumption, not weight loss or optimal health.
  • To educate yourself on product labels and control portion size when trying to your goal is health and weight loss


Key Points

“When we don’t know what we’re putting in our bodies, it’s a scary place to be.”

“Your body does not know the difference between an overconsumption of fruit and an overconsumption of cookies.”

“Start measuring things so you know what you’re putting into your body and what it needs to stay full”

“If you see sugar listed within the first 5-10 ingredients, put the food down and don’t buy it, especially if it’s something prepackaged that lives in your cupboard”

“When you wake up in the morning, the way you start your day is indicative of what you will crave all day.”

“There is nothing that I consume that doesn’t have some sort of benefit for my body, for my skin, for my health, for the longevity of my life and for my happiness.”


Books Referenced in Today’s Episode

The Brain Fog Fix

Grain Brain



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