In this episode, Melissa unpacks the problem of energy vampires, negative energy, and how we can regain a sense of control over our spiritual lives. She shares some tips about how to identify energy vampires, and she gives some insights into how to better tune in  and clear out your own energies. Melissa explains that your energy can be defended by you  and cleared out, but it’s up to you to do the work by identifying sources, people, places and experiences that detract from you feeling grounded, positive and in alignment with yourself.

Melissa begins by explaining how we are familiar with navigating the ups and downs of our own lives with respect to our own personality types, but how the onset of the pandemic and subsequent racial riots have made it nearly impossible to stay in tune with ourselves. Melissa—and her clients alike—have noticed that the chaos of this time has been reflected in her moods and overall positive energy levels. But because our goal is to be confident in expressing our emotions, we have to understand how to navigate them in a time of crisis.

This navigation involves taking a check of your own mental health and energy levels as well as checking the energy of those around you. This is where the concept of the energy vampire comes in: imagine someone just sucking all the energy out of you. The reality is that energy vampires are real and you have to be aware of how they’re affecting your moods.

One very real example of this energy drainage we’re all experiencing is in the form of the massive amounts of screen time in our lives. Melissa explains what energy vampires are and how to rid your life of them, but first she gives a proper model for how to take stock of your own energies. Understanding how to clear out your own energies is crucial in being able to defend them against the negative forces of the energy vampires.

Melissa breaks down the characteristics of the energy vampires and how they impact the wellbeing of your energies. She empowers her listeners to defend their emotional spaces, pushing back against energy vampires, and creating exits to protect their positive energy.

In conclusion, Melissa shares some hands-on practices for elevating your energy levels by using prayer, speaking directly, and even using gemstones to rid your spaces of negative energies. She also gives some tips and examples of things to clear out your physical and mental spaces—because ultimately, you don’t need to hold onto those energies anymore. Declare good things over your life and defend your good energies.

Brief Outline:

  1. Melissa describes her tendency to feel energies and her sense of discernment from as far back as her childhood.
  2. We are more connected than ever before, but we are being inundated with different energies.
  3. The amount of energy going into digital video is extraordinary—and draining.
  4. The exchange of energy online is not clean.
  5. We have plenty of reasons to explain our victim consciousness.
  6. Pointing the finger at yourself first can actually solve these problems.
  7. It’s very important that you clear your energetic field.
    1. Be vocal and protective of your energy.
  8. Pay attention to how social media is affecting your mood/mental health.
  9. Declare that this energy cannot penetrate your energetic space.
  10. Different ways to clear your energies.
  11. Clear out physical and spiritual clutter to cleanse your energies.


What You’ll Learn

  • If you’re an empath, it’s easy over time and years to become a people pleaser by default.
  • Your goal is to have compassion for yourself; to no longer abandon yourself, your voice or your desires.
  • When you’re on Zoom, you’re on Zoom with thousands of other people, and their energy – this is something to pay attention too and a good opportunity to protect your energy..
  • How to take stock of your energy:
    • Ideally refrain from meditating with any of your limbs crossed as this blocks energy.
    • Deeply inhale and take a scan of your body starting from your crown chakra to the bottom of your feet with white light. (Melissa guides you through this powerful exercise)
    • Take note of where you feel a block or discomfort as you are energetically scanning your body.
  • You can cut the bad energy out of your life and Melissa speaks to identifying the places in your life to do so..
  • Accountability removes  victim energy and empowers you to change.
  • A trigger is an unhealed emotional response in the body.
  • Energy vampires are typically categorizes with such attributes:
    • Gossipers
    • Highly critical and judgmental of self and others
    • Frequently angry and surrounded by drama
    • Complaining about the same stories repeatedly
    • Constantly complaining and in a negative space
    • Easily triggered
  • Energetically-negative people are to be avoided.
  • Salt water (epsom salts or a salt scrub) can clear your energies.
  • Tourmaline (a black stone) will protect your energy
  • Selenite and Clear Quartz with will connect you with higher realms and divine energy for protection
  • Both can help to clean your energies.


Key Points

“I want you to learn how to take stock of your energies.”

“I need to be inspired in order to have a message to share.”

“That is your higher self saying, ‘this is not right.’”

“More than ever, it’s important to understand that our mood swings come in waves.”

“You need to be aware of negative victim energy.”

“All you need to say is: ‘I am of love and light, and only love and light are present here.’”

“Your goal is to no longer suppress your emotions but express your emotions.”

“You need to be the cheerleader and partner that you’ve always needed.”

“Let me do the work where I can be in a state where I’m accountable for what I’m doing.”

“All of you know an energy vampire in your lives.”

“When your energy changes to negative after an encounter, that energy isn’t yours.”

“You’ll be able to see how quickly you can absorb someone else’s energy.”

“Honor your moods and your sacred spaces.”



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