In this episode, Melissa discusses something that is relevant to many people: addiction. Whether it’s an addiction to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, social media, or anything in between, this episode will help you or your loved ones understand and hopefully offer support to make sense of the need for excess, the strong desire to overindulge, and numb out which are the very things that keep us locked in the pattern of addiction.  Melissa’s prayer is this episode supports you  or your loved ones in healing and moving forward – even if awakening one part of you.

Melissa begins by highlighting the overconsumption that is happening currently in quarantine. We were living very busy lives before and now that we have stopped, people are noticing things in their life that they overlooked before. And with the difficulty of what’s happening, the difference between people who have tools for self-development and those who don’t is more evident – there is a clear divide between the awakened and the unawake.

She notes that obesity, racism, anger, depression, and, of course, addiction are all on the rise, because there is an inability to process the pain, unhappiness, conflict, and self-rejection that is going on. We need to be healed from within and utilize our higher power and connection to self, nature and source like never before – this is the only way to combat addition.

To break free and not perpetuate your current experience, Melissa encourages listeners to choose the higher path. In this episode, she gives tools to be able to experience freedom and lightness.

Melissa reminds listeners that we all ebb and flow on the journey. Sometimes our ego pulls us back and sometimes we listen to our higher consciousness. We need to remember that we are in charge of our environment, both inside and out. Take a look at your addiction and your home. Be aware of things that tempt you and make you want to engage in your addictive behavior, then get rid of them! If you haven’t built your muscle to resist something, help yourself by keeping those things away.

Regardless of the difficulty you’re facing, Melissa notes that you can propel yourself forward very quickly toward the life that you want if you see the challenges as catalysts. Even if it’s hard, be okay with the mess and focus on seeing that things are happening for you.

Lastly, Melissa talks about how to support an addict, whether it’s yourself or a loved one. One  of the best things you can do for a loved one is say a prayer, let them go, and distance yourself so that you don’t enable them. And, if you’re the one who is addicted, Melissa has learned through experience that having faith is one of the best ways to support yourself. It helps you know that you are supported and gets you out of playing god with yourself and your life.

At the end of the episode, Melissa expresses her heart and compassion for her listeners and leaves you with tips for listening to your truth and improving your self-talk in order to create your reality.

 Brief Outline:

  1. Melissa explains her recent encounters with addiction
  2. The overconsumption happening in quarantine
  3. Those who do and don’t have the tools to cope and move toward self-development
  4. Melissa discusses the need to choose the higher path, even if it’s hard
  5. There will be ebb and flow, but embrace and love your inner child
  6. What happens when we overindulge
  7. The need to clear up our diet and environment
  8. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths
  9. Recognizing that addiction is a form of self-rejection
  10. The need to get out of isolation
  11. Seeing difficulties as catalysts to create the life you want
  12. Getting out of a negative state by reframing things completely
  13. Living out of your future self that’s not addicted
  14. Putting up boundaries with loved ones who are addicted
  15. Being accountable to yourself in your addictive behavior
  16. One of the best ways to support yourself: faith
  17. Melissa’s compassion and heart for you
  18. Self-talk and finding your truth


 What You’ll Learn:

  • The overconsumption during quarantine
  •  What happens when we overindulge
  • That you are in charge of your environment and mindset
  • How to clean up and care for your environment and avoid addiction
  • How to get out of your isolation
  • Quickly propel yourself forward by seeing difficulties as catalysts
  • How to get out of a negative state by reframing
  • What it looks like to live out of your future self that’s not addicted
  • How to act with loved ones who are addicted
  • How to support yourself in your addiction
  • How to find your truth and improve your self-talk


 Key Quotes:

“I feel right now while we’re in quarantine there’s an overconsumption happening.”

“Addiction is on the rise. Obesity is on the rise. Depression is on the rise. Anger, frustration, riots, racism, all of these things, prejudice is on the rise. Because there is an inability to make sense of the pain inside, of the internal conflict, of the self-detriment, of the self-rejection that’s happening. And that’s actually what needs to be healed.”

“If you are listening to this and you are currently struggling, you were guided here for a very specific reason.”

“Whether we’re turning to food or alcohol or social media, we cloud our divine connection to something higher.”

“You are in charge of your environment… You are in charge of your house and your home. You are in charge of your mindset. You are in charge of the way in which you nourish yourself inside and out. My question to you is, how do you want to feel and is that aligned with the way you care for yourself”?

“Recognize that addiction is another form of self-rejection.”

“You get to create your experience. Your words create your experience.”

“It’s through connection that true healing happens. That strength comes from asking for help and support. On the other side of connection is your freedom. On the other side of getting out of isolation and self-rejection, is self-love and healing.”

“Please get out of isolation and self-rejection and get into connection and love.”

“There are only two human emotions: love and fear.”

“If you’re creating your reality and your words create your beliefs, why are you telling yourself a shitty story?”

“The beauty of being human is that you get to change your story at any time.”



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