In today’s episode, Melissa discusses how to recognize your empathic nature, how to see it as a superpower, how to protect that energy, and how to use that for the good of others at this time.

Melissa’s focus today is largely on the idea that empaths have the ability to help people, but they have to tap into their gifts first and see them as gifts versus weaknesses.

Unfortunately, there are lots of stigmas around people who typically identify as empaths, and Melissa being one herself, knows the importance of viewing your empathic nature as a superpower and to not let others judgements steal your joy or power.

Once recognized, the next step is to understand the potential of the empath: that they have superpowers. They can anticipate the needs of others and speak directly into them. They also have one of a variety of preternatural gifts, like clairvoyance,  clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and can use these gifts to help those around them.

Unfortunately, like anything valuable, these gifts must be protected. Namely, from negative energies and the drain of energy vampires. Melissa shares a few tips on how to protect your gifts. One of these strategies involves calling on a higher power (whichever you prefer) to help enrobe yourself in a white/golden light, packed as tightly as you can. It’s this envisioning that can ward off the drain of the negative people around you. You also can just cut it off at the root. Make a cutting motion and declare yourself protected.

Finally, ask God to be used as a conduit for his will. Seek the help of the supernatural in order to tap into your inner self. You will start to hear your inner voice (and for the first time, recognize it) and use it to understand the inner guidance you have. Follow that guidance to capitalize on your empathic nature. And help people. Go out there and do your best work. Say you’ll do it, and do it. Make the time, commit, and give your gifts back. There’s nothing more rewarding.

Brief Outline:

  1. The sacred feminine is on the rise — as an empath, you can use this to your advantage.
  2. Empaths were usually told they are too emotional or sensitive as children.
  3. Step one is to get connected back to the body by getting “clean.” This mostly refers to getting out chemicals and addictive agents.
  4. Melissa describes how she came to know she was more intuitive than most. She exhibits some of the characteristics of all the sentients.
  5. Melissa did not feel her empathic nature as a superpower. It was a burden.
  6. Breakdown of why empaths tend to turn against themselves in the first place.
  7. Light-workers need to empower themselves to hear the messages from within.
  8. You can protect yourself as a light-worker. It’s not about convincing anyone else to fall in line with your truth.
  9. Imagine that you are wrapped tightly in a sheet of gold and light.
  10. As scary as the unknown is, you have nothing to fear. You can turn over the weight of that back to the supernatural.
  11. Speak directly to God, etc. about how you can be used as a conduit for its will.
  12. Melissa’s Prayer: “God, may I love me as you love me. May I see me as you see me. May I hear only loving words. May I think only loving thoughts. May I feel only loving emotions. May I only be that of love. I am love. You are love. We are one. Connected forever.”
  13. Recognizing that we are all light-beings is step one.
  14. Embrace the gift of being emotional — you can use that to help other people.
  15. Start by looking inwardly and asking your higher self for guidance.
  16. You don’t need to know the why…you don’t even need to know the how.
  17. Your words create your reality.


 What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify if you’re an empath and a light-worker, and what that means.
  • How to protect yourself as an empath.
  • How to use your empathy as a superpower.
  • How wholeness helps women to bring them back to the truth of who they are.
  • The difference between clairvoyance, clairsentient, and clairaudient.
  • “Diets perpetuate and isolate disconnection from one’s body.”
  • Again, there are only two emotions: love and fear.
  • We all fall prey to victim-consciousness when we’re made to feel “wrong.”
  • You’re in control of your environment; you have to own it.
  • 30 minutes a day can get you in line with the life you want.
  • Because empaths feel so much, they tend to disassociate and latch onto stories of pain.
  • There’s a clear divide between those that are awakened versus those that are not.”
  • Call on whatever you believe in to wrap yourself in gold and light.
  • You can actually cut out the negative energy.
  • Trusting your inner self is step one; build that muscle.
  • You’ve been hearing this voice your whole life, you just don’t know how to listen.


 Key Quotes:

“The more we numb out with all of these varying agents, we have a hard time hearing the messages come through from the divine consciousness within.”

“The people pleaser starts to notice that they get their worth from it, but you’re energetically malnourished.”

“Empaths tend to turn back to food to ground themselves again.”

“When we set the tone that we are open to darkness of any kind, it will.”

“Because your desires are too big, the fear of failure holds you back.”

“We have to partner with the divinity within.”

“That’s your home: you can control it or you can clean it up.”

“When we operate from that place, we can recognize our superpowers and share them with the world.”

“Those that are awakened are aware of the ascension process that’s happening to them.”

“Repeat: only love and light are present here.”

“What if we really see that the ego is working for us?”

“Did you ever notice that when you embrace the things you’re scared of, that they aren’t scary anymore?”

“Why would I ever want to dim any of the world’s lightness?”

“Your goal is to trust in the intuitive guidance that you receive.”

“There are going to be little nudges; it’s not a big kaboom.”

“Having faith in something greater is where you need to start to connect with the light-worker within.”



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