Melissa knew that, given the climate into today’s world, there is never a better time to speak to this topic and give listeners an avenue of support where it is so needed.  In Today’s episode, Melissa explains step by step how to connect with your angels.  Giving her listeners a place to start if they have strayed from their faith, or simply never subscribed to the concept of angels.  Melissa helps you to develop your intuitive abilities while guiding you on how to receive signs and more from the divine, reminding us that we are all supported in life, every step of the way and that we are being led.

It is simply our job, if we desire, to open up to the divine guidance that is always readily available and accessible to you at any time – no matter your religion, how you’ve lived your life or your beliefs up until this point.

Brief Outline:

Melissa begins by sharing how she discovered her gifts and even turned away from them, and what transpired in her life to have her return and have such unwavering faith and connection to source, speaking to her angels daily.

She takes you on an in depth journey for yourself to learn simple ways to bridge the gap for yourself in your own life based on your desires.  Melissa takes you through how to get started, what it can look like and how to connect to your angels and spirit guides today, to receive the divine guidance you’ve been wanting or needing in your life.

We are all always being guided to what you need in life – it’s our job to pay attention to the signs.  There are no chance encounters.  Pay attention, notice who shows up on your path – both literal and figurative signs you see, words that are spoken to you, and most of all the internal guidance you feel.  These internal cues are the most powerful and often easily discarded by our minds and preconceived notions about life and ourselves.  As children we listen, as we age our minds and “practical” thinking override our internal Divine guidance system.  Think of this system as your unique compass guiding you to your dreams.  The interference is the belief that we are limited beings.

While Melissa is discovering her connection to herself, she shares how she also recognized that God is in her, that she and all of us are of divine consciousness and most importantly that we are all one.  Nothing is outside of us ever, it is all within us and our desires are always meant for us and we are being guided to receive them.  It’s our job not to block and interfere with the guidance but to subscribe to it and allow it.

 What You’ll Learn:

  1. Techniques to connect with yourself:
    1. Quieting your mind
    2. Meditate
    3. Journaling
    4. Just being with yourself and being your best friend
  2. “We call on the angels above all our Archangels, the guardian angels to each and everyone of you and only light and love filled entities may fill this room, may  fill this space and be present on today’s call. I am calling on you Archangel Michael and Jesus, Mary Magdalene, blessed Mother and God up above. Please remove my ego from this call. May only the words you have given me to speak come to fruition. May only the guidance these ladies seek be provided. May only love be present here and white lies be cast out upon everyone present and those that weren’t able to attend. In all protection of golden light and all love of white light. We know dark entities are present. Again, I ask for removal of the ego  at any time that it comes back in. And we thank you for your continued love, guidance and support. Amen”
  3. There are 12 Archangels that you can call to.
  4. There are also nature angels
  5. The difference between Earth Angels and Archangels
  6. “As I see with only loving eyes, I speak only loving words, I hear only loving thoughts and I feel only loving emotions. I am love, I give love, I emote love from every cell of my being, from that of the Archangel.”
  7. There are four primary archangels: There’s Michael, Gabrielle, Arielle and Rafael.

 Key Quotes:

It’s hard to explain, I just feel it”

There is a reason for everything, things don’t always happen just because it’s an accident. There’s a reason if a book falls from a shelf and opens to a specific page. There’s a reason why when you hear a song on the radio and the lyrics speak to you and it’s the words you’ve been dying to hear. This is not by happenstance

“Angels have no space and time limitations”

“As I see with only loving eyes, I speak only loving words, I hear only loving thoughts and I feel only loving emotions. I am love, I give love, I emote love from every cell of my being, from that of the Archangel

“We have to experience darkness to see the light”

“You will always know if there’s not right energy around you because it will guide you”

“Archangel Michael is like God’s right hand”

“What they really want you to know is that they have the answers to help you with any blocks you have right now”

“Angels are giving you signs all the time”

“Listen to the words on the radio. Listen to what strangers tell you. Listen to the guidance system that says “hey stop here”. Take a moment, are you listening? It’s when we don’t listen that other things start happening”

“You are a co-creator in your life”

“You have divine within you”

“There is nothing out of your reach, nothing you can’t have, nothing that you’re not meant to experience. And there is no pain that you’re meant to endure. Only rightness”

“Cleanse your mind of anything that doesn’t serve you. See that love that you’re meant to have and need”

“And, you along with me, we are the light of God himself”

“Start with your angels. Use them. Let them guide you. And then relish in being in their presence and knowing that they are holding you ever step of the way”



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