Melissa’s topic on this episode of the Wholeness podcast is a familiar one to listeners who have been learning from Melissa for some time, but it is especially timely in the midst of COVID-19. Melissa has previously offered her insights on masculine and feminine energies, the balance that should be found, and appropriate times to be in each one, but as most women in the U.S. are still working from home and many are trying to manage households and families as well, the need for living in the feminine is so needed.

These circumstances tend to bring out our masculine energies because of the need to accomplish things, check them off of our list, and move on to the next task without much pause or reflection. This cycle will lead to burnout and could have devastating results on multiple areas of our lives, so it is of utmost importance for us to tap into our feminine, take a beat, feel the feelings, get in touch with our bodies, reflect back on what has given us joy in the past, and set up new practices that will help us live into our feminine. When you are in your feminine flow, your mind, body, and spirit are aligned and you are able to transcend the circumstances to recognize the gifts and the joy around you.

Melissa shares that it is especially important for us to move our bodies, pause for reflection on the questions in the outline below, consider how the ways we are communicating right now could indicate unbalanced energies, and be intentional about creating transition time for ourselves and our partners between different responsibilities. You cannot experience true and intimate connection with yourself or others if you are not continually accessing your feminine and getting grounded in your body. This is especially pertinent during this time of social distancing and uncertainty in the world. 


Brief Outline:

  1. Accessing your feminine
    1. New generations have less societal programmings from years past about women’s roles
    2. History has shut down the feminine due to fear of their power
    3. COVID-19 is providing a unique opportunity to leap into the feminine
  2. The balance of masculine and feminine energies
    1. Masculine – strength, “do” mode, measured, single focus, in touch with mind
    2. Feminine – feeling, being, in touch with body
    3. The answers you seek are in the being and the feeling
  3. The gift of COVID-19
    1. A new start, a redirection
    2. Release the timeline and put in the effort to tap into your feminine
  4. Things to integrate into finding your feminine
    1. Move your body
    2. Ask yourself these questions:
      1. What are things that you can do to be in the feminine, in the play, and in the pleasure?
      2. What are things you loved to do as a child?
      3. What are 3-5 songs that bring you joy?
      4. What are 3 things that you can do today or add to your week that add play and pleasure?
      5. How are you nourishing the feminine part of you to allow for the path of least resistance?
    3. Consider your communication
      1. Are you communicating aggressively?
      2. Are your breaths shallow?
      3. How is the tempo of your voice?
    4. Give yourself and your partner transition time
      1. You can’t jump immediately from one role or responsibility to another

What You’ll Learn:

  • Accessing your feminine
  • The gift of COVID-19
  • Feeling and being rather than just doing
  • How being in your feminine will impact your relationships
  • Being intentional with transition time
  • Noticing your communication


Key Quotes:

“This is an area and a domain that I’m so passionate about because I had to learn it.”

“When you drive from being very results-oriented and task-oriented…you have to be reminded to be on the journey, not just to get from point A to point B.

“We pull on the [masculine or feminine] energy that is needed for the task at hand.”

“The feminine was actually shut down historically because of our power.”

“Anytime we need to dominate, it stems from fear.”

“If you’re experiencing a lot and you’re undergoing challenges…on the other side of this is the life you want.”

“You are transcending at such a rapid pace that the ascension process for the sacred feminine is rising so very quickly.”

“What if we choose to see the gift?”

“The path of least resistance is what will get you to where you want to be.”

“We will outsource what the next steps are when we’re in the masculine.”

“You can play in your purpose.”

“All that tension is, all that stress is, is a lack of emotional processing.”

“The mind will always keep you where you are.”

“There is power in every perception you choose to see and there is also pain.”

“You have an opportunity in the feminine to rise so quickly and to overcome any obstacles and to create a new reality and to literally leap.”

“What is the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your belief system?”

“My fulfillment came from my clients’ success and I was left depleted.”

“Listening is an art that is truly of the feminine.”

“Men need to feel respected, women need to feel heard.”

“When you’re in your feminine, your breaths are deeper.”

“There is power in releasing the plan.”

“What if everything occurring right now is a gift?”



Alison Armstrong

“The Law of Attraction”

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