This episode of the Wholeness podcast is particularly timely since most of the US is still staying mostly at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Melissa shares with listeners about her own personal experiences with dieting and the ways that the diet mindset stemmed from her 10-year old self. 10 years old is typically a milestone year for girls as they come to be more aware of their own bodies and establish beliefs about themselves in comparison with others or in comparison to how they think they should look. Melissa’s limiting beliefs were put on the wrong trajectory when her mother took her to a Weight Watchers meeting and Melissa realized that her mother must think that she is fat.

From that point on, she was a perpetual dieter, constantly eating clean and counting calories only to be left feeling unfulfilled and ashamed if and when she “slipped up”. One morning she woke up in her apartment in New York and realized that she couldn’t keep living like that and she started her journey towards wholeness and healing.

You likely have a similar story, guided by experiences or limiting beliefs from your past that could still be affecting you today. But Melissa wants you to know that you can overcome those feelings and find healing by connecting with your body and listening to your inner guidance. You may think that your weight is holding you back from who you want to be or where you want to go, but the ultimate roadblock is really your relationship with yourself. Those past experiences and beliefs only have the meaning you assign to them, and you can choose to create a new narrative. You can choose to live in love and break the cycle of self-sabotage, creating a new identity for who you want to be, and you will find that through wholeness you will lose the weight almost effortlessly.

 Brief Outline:

  1. During coronavirus, everything seems magnified
  2. If you struggle at all with anxiety or disordered eating, chances are these struggles are even harder right now
  3. Look at this as an opportunity to reset and to connect
  4. Melissa Kathryn’s story:
    1. Started as a 10-year old going to a Weight Watchers meeting
    2. This fractured or “not enough” mindset continually grew until she was an adult
    3. Living in New York City and after her first body competition was when she became painfully aware that she was more than a dieter and was in toxic relationship with food and was not at all connected to herself
    4. After winning the trophy for “Best Body in the INBF”, she spiraled and gained back all of the weight she had lost within 90 days teaching her listeners the invaluable lessons she had to learn
    5. She realized the painful truth that she didn’t love herself and all of her dieting and dysfunctions with food were from a lack within herself that she didn’t want to see or feel
  5. Melissa created the Wholeness method that she teaches her clients to this day to help all women come home to the truth of who they are before they ever thought they were less than
  6. The dieting mind is a tricky little bitch
  7. On the outside, you look like you’re healthy and you have it all together
  8. Behind closed doors you are unhappy within and binging, diets are deprivation, the depriving of one’s true self
  9. This leads to a cycle of guilt and shame
  10. Wholeness means getting back to the truth of who you are before you ever thought that you were less than
  11. Do the love-work, let go of control, and heal within, the weight will release as a result
  12. Then you will lose the weight, but your new relationship with yourself will be more important

What You’ll Learn:

  • Trusting your body
  • Mind-body-spirit connection
  • The source of your limiting beliefs
  • Loving yourself first
  • Removing self-sabotaging behavior
  • Getting out of isolation and into connection


Key Quotes:

“Everything that we’re doing here is eradicating and removing self-sabotaging behaviors.”

“In life, there’s always going to be something that takes us out from the commitments that we make to ourselves.”

“Thank you for showing me those things that I need to get rid of.”

“Let’s look at this as an opportunity to come together and to get even more support.”

“It’s never been about the food and it’s never been about the weight. It’s about us getting out of isolation into connection and starting to see that we are worthy of time for ourselves and taking care of ourselves now more than ever.”

“If you have been struggling with your weight for more than a year, you don’t have a weight issue. You have a lack of a relationship with yourself.”

 “We have stories and things that have happened to us in our lives, and it’s the meaning we give to them.”

“My worth was tied to my weight and I never wanted to lose that feeling.”

“I didn’t want to know the real me because I was afraid that if I saw her, I would unravel.”

“Where we restrict, we rebel.”

“Diets are just distractions from what’s under the hood that you’re too afraid to look at.”

“We all deserve to be happy.”

“Weight has no meaning unless you give it some.”

 “Hiding from your truest self is the biggest disservice.”

“The dieter in me was formed from such a deep lack of love.”

“I teach wholeness which is coming back to the truth of who you were before you ever thought you were less than.”

 “Before we even get out of bed, we’ve made ourselves wrong.”

“When we live into love, everything and anything is possible.”

 “The minute you say yes to a diet is the minute you abandon yourself and stop trusting your body.”

“It’s through your connection to your body that you’ll actually understand your own healing.”

 “We can’t lose the weight and keep it off if we haven’t created the identity for who we want to be.”

“The excess weight has been your safety blanket.”



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