The topic of today’s Wholeness podcast is feminine and masculine energies, balancing them, understanding when to utilize one over the other and seeing the benefits of each.   More importantly, especially given the state of the world, understanding how they are impacting your actions and relationships is needed.

Melissa shares with her community in-depth insights about the polarities of feminine and masculine energies that exist within all of us.  If off balance, she also gives examples of specific struggles we may encounter internally, in our relationships, as well as our careers.

Society continues to perpetuate the archaic narrative that one of the main characteristics of being in the feminine is exuding weakness, i.e. being weak, a doormat, not able to stand for one self, being shy, indecisive and/or complacent.

The true essence of the feminine is a fierce warrior who lives in flow, loves freedom, is connected to her body, driving from her intuitive guidance system to take inspired action, and is a receptive container for all good things – knowing they will come.

The feminine and those who operate from this powerful energy are super attractors. Their desires manifest quickly with little effort.  Efforting is a masculine energy.  When in the feminine,  she is in her worth – she knows that she is the gift and that everyone benefits from being around her. She is so powerful that men are intimidated by what she possesses, by the ease and power in which she creates and achieves success.

In relationships, Melissa explains that it is important to understand that there is always a balance of masculine and feminine energies, and that men and women possess both, each energy serving a purpose. So when either person is tapped into their feminine energy, the other will automatically begin to pull from their masculine (and vice versa). The woman who is in alignment with her feminine is not afraid to go after what she desires in any area of her life nor is she afraid to ask for her needs to be met and receives them without giving in return. Giving is masculine.

Brief Outline:

  1.  Feminine energy characteristics
    1. Left side of the body
    2. Flowing
    3. High frequency
    4. In pleasure and play
    5. Connected to the body
    6. Creative outlet
    7. Intuitive
    8. Multitaskers – have diffuse awareness
    9. Takes inspired action
    10. Discerning
  2. Masculine energy characteristics
    1. Right side of the body
    2. Quick decision makers
    3. Proactive
    4. Quick to act
    5. Not discerning
    6. Aggressive
    7. Single focused
    8. Takes action without emotion
  3. Balancing the energies in relationships
    1. Men don’t always have to be in their masculine and women don’t always have to be in their feminine
    2. If you are pulling from the masculine, the other person will have to pull from the feminine
    3. Check in with yourself
      1. Are you happy with the energy you are pulling from or putting out?
      2. What do you want from your partner? Do you want an alpha man for ex? If so, you want to operate from your feminine to attract that in.
      3. Do you need to be more intentional about living in your feminine?
  4. What it looks like to live into the feminine
    1. Fierce warrior
    2. In flow
    3. Tapping into your intuitive guidance through prayer work and meditation
    4. Guided inspiration
    5. Add more play and pleasure

What You’ll Learn:

  • The differences between the feminine and masculine energies
  • How to tap into the feminine
  • The impacts of energy imbalances in relationships
  • How to balance the masculine and the feminine
  • Connecting to the body
  • Interactions between people in their feminine and masculine energies
  • Optimizing your creativity
  • Leaning into the power you have in the feminine




A Few Key MK Quotes:

I honor each and every one of you for being here.”

Inside, the feminine is a fierce warrior.”

Do you connect the feminine with being weak?

If the feminine and masculine are imbalanced in the body, it will show up as imbalances through illness, mood, emotional imbalances or pains in the body.”

There are a lot of ways that we can hear our higher consciousness and listen to the inner guidance that we’re receiving from within to actually know what to do to balance our bodies.”

Masculine and masculine will butt heads, feminine and feminine will turn each other off.”

We have two powers that men do not have to our ability: the feminine’s intuitive knowing and our capacity for pleasure.”

There is a time and place for the masculine.”

We are able to discern and tap into that guidance.”

The primary difference between men and women – Men are single-focused. They cannot multitask.”

What are your beliefs around the feminine? Are you open and willing to see the power of the feminine?

She desires it. She thinks it. And she waits in the faith of its coming. She is in the high frequency flow of life to support that which she desires most, knowing that her action steps will come.”

The feminine is inspired action. The masculine is to do action.”

The feminine is a receptive container.”

The feminine knows there is no such thing as time and everything is working on her side when she’s tapped into the divine.”

The feminine knows the power in her presence and her preference.”

Stand in your worth and allow the empress within you to step forward.”


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