The topic on this episode of the Wholeness podcast is self-acceptance and self-love, which is especially important during COVID-19, when we feel so isolated. Even though you may feel disconnected from others, Melissa describes connection with and love for yourself as of utmost importance right now and always.

She teaches that the only two human emotions are love and fear and that fear becomes primary when you are letting your ego have control. The ego shows you a false reality and ultimately causes you to abandon yourself, but love is the answer to life and allows you to operate from the highest level of consciousness available to humans.

Maybe you, like Melissa, were conditioned to criticize yourself from a young age and it will take some very conscious effort to be able to love and accept yourself for who you are, to venture within and tell your inner child that you will never abandon her again.

No one can make this shift to love for you; you need to choose to get connected with your body and love yourself now, exactly as you are. Melissa teaches that one of the key elements of this journey to self-love is mirror work and positive affirmations.

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This practice of mirror work and love for you, feels good and results in connection rather than self rejection. This change within you will affect your connections with other people as well, helping you be a more loving, truthful, and intimate friend, partner, and parent by loving yourself first and being able to love more fully.

Brief Outline:

  1. Choosing love over fear
    1. Love is the answer to all unrest in your life and body
    2.  Fear means that you are out of connection
      1. The ego state is ingrained in you from birth
      2. Separation from yourself leads to overwhelm, stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and everything else negative
      3. Ultimately, fear leads you to abandon yourself
      4. Incongruity in the body
  2. Being the voice of love for yourself
    1.  Love yourself more than you seek approval from others
    2. Do your mirror work
    3. Yours is the only opinion that matters
    4. This love should be unconditional
  3. Melissa’s struggle
    1. Body dysmorphia, disordered eating, perpetual dieting
    2. The result was that she was hiding from herself and the world
    3. She was afraid that she wouldn’t like what she saw if she truly looked at the real her
    4. She was struggling with thought processes that had been passed down from her mother
  4. Coming into love
    1.  Allow yourself connection instead of rejection
    2. Do mirror work every time you look in the mirror
    3. It feels good to love yourself
    4. Living in regret, berating yourself, and withholding love from your partner are not loving yourself
    5. You are your own unconditional soulmate
    6.  Break the cycles of toxic thinking that have been passed down to you


You’ll Learn How To:

  • Create connection with your body
  • Be the voice of love for yourself
  • Allow all of the pieces of yourself
  •  Avoid the comparison trap
  • Pursue connection instead of rejection
  • Connect with your inner child and heal within


Key Quotes:

Love is the answer to life because when we operate from a place of love we are operating from the highest level of consciousness available to humans.”

When we allow the ego to drive, we are in a false reality. It is not our ultimate truth. It is not the divine within. It is not the limitlessness of you.”

We are being called to no longer abandon ourselves.”

The path to feeling good never feels bad.”

We as humans are made up of 99% god-like matter.”

When we want to come into radical self-acceptance it’s about understanding and no longer abandoning ourselves.”

There is nothing that you can’t be, do, or have.”

What am I afraid to see?

You need to become so enamored with yourself that you no longer seek others’ approval, acceptance, validation, or love above your own.”

The only opinion that matters is your own.”

When we withhold love from others, we withhold it from ourselves.”

The comparison trap is an ego trap. It’s just another way for you to reject you.”

When you start loving you, it feels good.”

Your inner child will guide you to wholeness and living a life beyond your dreams.”

In loving you, you open up a world of limitless possibilities.”

You are limitless.”


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