On this episode of the Wholeness podcast, Melissa answers the question from a listener, “How can I accept where I am when I’m striving to change?” Melissa reveals that just the use of the word ‘striving’ in the question says so much about the listeners mindset.

Striving is motivated by masculine energy, and based on the fear that the thing you are wanting is not happening for you. Instead of living with this mentality of lack and fear-based thinking – with the focus being on the absence of the thing you’re wanting.

Melissa offers listeners the insight of being conscious of your energy while intentionally choosing to live aligned with your feminine energy in these moments, instead of trying to work hard to achieve or get the things you want.

She says that when you are living in your feminine energy, you will be in your flow and you will believe that what you want is already on its way to you. You will be in touch with your highest self and with divine guidance, and you will be able to trust what is coming to you with open arms in whatever form it comes, versus controlling the timelines or the outcome or the exact way in which it “should” look.  When you are in this space, you will be more receptive and creative, spending more time in play and pleasure, and more connected to your intuitive guidance system.

Brief Outline:

  1. Feminine energy aligns with:
    1. Flow
    2. Lit up
    3. Creativity
    4. In touch with guidance
    5. Intuitive
    6. Pleasure
  2. Masculine energy aligns with:
    1. Goal-oriented
    2. Achievement
    3. Not allowing for guidance
    4. Doing
  3. What striving evokes in you:
    1. Fear of it not happening
    2. Lack mentality
    3. Masculine approach
  4. Law of attraction:
    1. Claiming your feminine power
    2. If it is a desire, then it is meant for you
    3. Being in a space of receptivity


What You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between feminine and masculine energies
  • Striving is a masculine approach
  • When you are in your flow, you will be filled with expectation
  • “Being” rather than “doing” to get what you desire
  • The law of attraction explained and applied to your life
  • Being in a space of receptivity


Key Quotes:

The word ‘striving’ alone is a very masculine view, a very masculine approach and mentality.”

Did you ever notice that when you really want something, you can’t get it?

When we’re in our worth and in our flow, we just believe without a shadow of a doubt that the thing we’re wanting is on the way to us.”

May it be this or something greater.”

Transformation is not a goal. It’s a never-ending evolution.”

I trust and love where I am, and I trust and know where I’m going.”

This is my desire. Show me the way.”

Show me the way for my highest good with my highest joy.”

If it’s a desire, then it’s meant for you.”

We learn more quickly when we are in our joy, in our bliss, and when we are a ‘yes’ to life.


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