Melissa continues the conversation on creating new identities for yourself that she began on the previous episode of the Wholeness podcast. When thinking about whether your identities are serving you or hurting you, it is helpful to recognize that all of the ones that are not serving you were placed on you by other people, perhaps your family, and the ones that are serving you, are identities that you have already created for yourself. While you might not feel like you are capable of creating new identities that serve you, you already have that power within yourself as the aspects of yourself that feel good to you, or that you are proud of, are in fact identities, you created and believed in as you continued to foster the belief of them.  Therefore if you were able to create aspects you love about yourself, then you can just as easily create new ones to replace the ones that you don’t like.  Melissa teaches you how in today’s episode!

Once you have this realization, you can shift your mentality and break the mental barriers that have been holding you back and keeping you settled into the identities that others have placed on you. Melissa also lets you in on a little secret: no one knows what they are doing in life. This liberating revelation allows you to decide who you want to be and what you want to do, to expect only miracles because you know that if you desire it, it is already on its way to you. You can wake up every morning, like Melissa does, and claim that this day will be the best day ever and that you are perfect just the way you are, releasing the things that are not serving you and grounding down into the identities that are.


Brief Outline:

  1. Identities that you have
    1. Those serving you
      1. You created
    2. Those harming you
      1. Placed upon you by others
  2. Creating new identities for yourself
    1. You know that you can do it because you already have
    2. No one knows what they are doing
    3. You get to decide what you want to be
    4. Claim what you want and release what you don’t

What You’ll Learn:

  • Creating new identities for yourself
  • You have already created an identity for yourself that is serving you
  • Recovering from cross-programming you have received
  • You decided everything about your life
  • Claiming what you want and releasing what you don’t

Key Quotes:

Goals and dreams are two separate things.”

“I want to liberate you of a circumstance that isn’t serving you anymore.”

How have the roles that have been serving you that you have lived into been serving you and how have you expanded on them?

You have already created an identity that is serving you and you’re grounded into your worth with it.”

You believe that you were and so it is.”

It became a part of you because you made it a part of you.”

You can create whoever you want to be at any time.”

If you don’t like it, it was never yours to begin with – someone else put it on you.”

We have to start taking action in the direction of things that we desire.”

What is your truth?

You get to choose who you are.”

Being human is actually the greatest gift.”

Our time now is to grow and expand in our consciousness here and to recognize that we can constantly change our reality.”

I expect only miracles.”

I don’t do anything until I’ve set a powerful intention for what I choose to create that day.”

I release and let go. These are not mine and never were.”


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