This episode of the Wholeness podcast is quick and focused, giving you just the boost you need to get unstuck and face your fears. You might find yourself coming back to the lessons that Melissa teaches in this episode multiple times because fear is something that we all deal with at times. Fear can manifest in many different ways, but it is most commonly associated with resistance and with the ego, meaning that the unknown has propelled your mind into protection mode rather than listening to your body which is craving change. Fear is often discord within your soul because you are facing the prospect of leaving your comfort zone, but Melissa says that this is important to acknowledge.

After noticing this fear, the best way to overcome it is to talk about the possibilities available to us. This will open up that mind-body connection that was broken when your mind wanted to keep you safe and your body wanted to move forward. If you need help to see the possibilities, ask for divine guidance, expect only miracles, and choose to be excited about what is coming to you. Melissa often experiences this while dreaming, and she teaches that you write in a desire journal every night, place your desire, ask to be shown, and request that you can remember upon waking. You can’t stay stuck when you are so excited about pushing past your fears that they cease to exist.

Brief Outline:

  1. The source of fear
    1. Same energetic plane as resistance, but also excitement
    2. The unknown can cause discord with your soul
    3. This begins in your mind with your ego
  2. Getting unstuck
    1. Catch your words before they create
    2. Talk about the possibilities available to you
    3. Expect only miracles
    4. Ask for divine guidance
    5. Acknowledge your fear and choose excitement instead

What You’ll Learn:

  • Getting unstuck
  • Facing your fears
  • Recognizing discord in your soul
  • Talking about the possibilities to you
  • Get into inspired action

 Key Quotes:

Fear is ultimately resistance.”

In order to get into action, we have to shift our mentality and mindset into one of excitement around that which we are doing.”

The mind is built on human experience of human consciousness.”

A belief is created within 17 seconds – whether good or bad.”

The only time fear takes over is when we hit a wall of resistance because we’re in a limited consciousness, thinking that there is no way but the way we’re living.”

The only excuses that exist are the ones that you allow and the only limitations that exist are the ones that you create.”

The way to get out of fear is to take inspired action.”

I am a ‘yes’ to this new way.”


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