Do you believe that if it’s your heart’s desire, then it is meant for you? That is, because it is! 

You don’t need to know the how, just allow the universe to show you.

In this episode of the Wholeness Podcast, we dive into the topic of deciding what you want and manifesting it into your reality.  To get clear on what you want, remove money as a need and ask yourself “If I had all the money in the world, what would I really want?” 

Tune in and commune with your higher self to hear how to uncover what is there and allow yourself to step into your greatness and make your dreams a reality. You will also get to hear about the power of affirming what you want with faith.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The power of deciding-learn to trust yourself and shift your mindset that it gets to be easy.
  • Why it’s important to get rid of all the “plan Bs”and commit to what you REALLY  want. 
  • Discover your life’s purpose! 
  • #1 Most important step to get what you want! 
  • The breathing technique, process of visualization plus manifestation for your heart’s desires

MK Key Takeaways:

“Close the doors and see who shows up, close the options.

Decide to have it all.  Repeat the mantra “I can have it all now”.

Say… “This, or something better.” 

“Where creativity lies, so do your answers. Allow time for creativity and a floodgate of ideas, clarity and more will come to you.”

“You already were born to have everything you ever desired and the only thing that made you think that you couldn’t have what you wanted was the years of being a human on earth.  During this time you experienced others projections, created stories, and formed beliefs about who you are that were never really intended for you.”


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